Harlem Protest – A Reflection 

​​​​​​The following is my random thought, sort of like a diary entry, or perhaps just a rant — so be forewarned, ladies and gentlemen. Last night was one of those rare moments that allow you to publicly give your middle finger to the law enforcement, assuming you live in a country where your constitutional rights to a peaceful protest are respected. Hearing people say “fuck … Continue reading Harlem Protest – A Reflection 

“Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee!”

RIP Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of all time. Though Ali’s 74 years of purposeful existence has come to an end, he will always be remembered for his determination to leverage his boxing fame for social justice and peace. Muhammad Ali opposed the Vietnam War and refused military service, choosing imprisonment (the stripping of his championship title and boxing license for three years) in the 1960s. … Continue reading “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee!”

Ethiopia: The Exam Leak: Nonviolent Direct Action or Vigilante Act?

This week Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education cancelled the national university entrance exams after insiders leaked the English and Mathematics papers and distributed them online. As a result, the Ethiopian social media was on fire for a day or two — netizens supporting, opposing and debating the action. Shiferaw Shigute, Minister of Education, told the media: “After a cross check, we decided to terminate the whole … Continue reading Ethiopia: The Exam Leak: Nonviolent Direct Action or Vigilante Act?

World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa

Today is World Press Freedom Day, and here is where the Horn of Africa stands, learning from and adopting the West’s systemic media censorship: Though Eritrea and Ethiopia are among top 10 countries in media repression, the majority of African governments do not want free press and do not protect journalists who expose power abuse, human rights violations, corruption and official scandals. CPJ’s current report … Continue reading World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa

“I don’t believe in coincidence”

“I believe there is a reason why we have met, why we are talking right now. I don’t believe in coincidence.” That was a parting comment that came way after I hesitated to respond to a smalltalk. Generally, I am not a smalltalk fan, especially with random people unless of course I am equally interested. Smalltalk can be as annoying as a mosquito buzz. Imagine … Continue reading “I don’t believe in coincidence”


ሥጋህ ይመዘናል ለገበያ ይቀርባል ደምህ ይወቀሳል ዘርህ ይቆጠራል የቆዳህ ቀለም ወይ በር ያስከፍታል ወይ ያዘጋብሃል ኑሮን ስትታገል ሲኖርህ ሰው ታፈራለህ ስታጣ አስታዋሽ የለህ ሲሳካ ፈላጊህ ብዛቱ ስትከሽፍ ብቸኝነቱ መኖርን ትኖራለህ ተስፋ ሆኖ ምግብህ   የሰውነትህ ዳገት ቁልቁለቱ እስከ ሞት እኔነትህ ተፈትጎ ተበጥሮ ተወቅጦ ተለስኖ ተመርጎ ተወቅሮ ተለንቅጦ ስቀህ አልቅሰህ ጠግበህ ተርበህ አፍቅረህ ጠልተህ ናፍቀህ ረስተህ ጉዞ ወደፊት…   *** Continue reading ሰውነት

The ISIS Threat: Fact vs Propaganda

Originally posted here. *** How Real Is the ISIS Threat? By RAND Today’s Islamic State is less than two years old. Its black flag has been raised in a dozen countries outside of Syria and Iraq. As the self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi demands the obedience of all Muslims worldwide. The Islamic State claims affiliates in Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, … Continue reading The ISIS Threat: Fact vs Propaganda

When Women’s History Month Meets The Adwa Victory

When women’s history month meets Ethiopia’s historical victory over Italy’s colonial ambitions, Empress Taytu comes to mind, the woman who agitated Emperor Menelik II to act, and led her people to defeat Italian forces on March 01, 1896. This African victory over European aggression was not only significant for Ethiopia, but was also empowering for people of color across the world (without excluding the fact … Continue reading When Women’s History Month Meets The Adwa Victory