World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa

Today is World Press Freedom Day, and here is where the Horn of Africa stands, learning from and adopting the West’s systemic media censorship: Though Eritrea and Ethiopia are among top 10 countries in media repression, the majority of African governments do not want free press and do not protect journalists who expose power abuse, human rights violations, corruption and official scandals. CPJ’s current report … Continue reading World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa


“I don’t believe in coincidence”

“I believe there is a reason why we have met, why we are talking right now. I don’t believe in coincidence.” That was a parting comment that came way after I hesitated to respond to a smalltalk. Generally, I am not a smalltalk fan, especially with random people unless of course I am equally interested. Smalltalk can be as annoying as a mosquito buzz. Imagine … Continue reading “I don’t believe in coincidence”



ሥጋህ ይመዘናል ለገበያ ይቀርባል ደምህ ይወቀሳል ዘርህ ይቆጠራል የቆዳህ ቀለም ወይ በር ያስከፍታል ወይ ያዘጋብሃል ኑሮን ስትታገል ሲኖርህ ሰው ታፈራለህ ስታጣ አስታዋሽ የለህ ሲሳካ ፈላጊህ ብዛቱ ስትከሽፍ ብቸኝነቱ መኖርን ትኖራለህ ተስፋ ሆኖ ምግብህ   የሰውነትህ ዳገት ቁልቁለቱ እስከ ሞት እኔነትህ ተፈትጎ ተበጥሮ ተወቅጦ ተለስኖ ተመርጎ ተወቅሮ ተለንቅጦ ስቀህ አልቅሰህ ጠግበህ ተርበህ አፍቅረህ ጠልተህ ናፍቀህ ረስተህ ጉዞ ወደፊት…   *** Continue reading ሰውነት


When Women’s History Month Meets The Adwa Victory

When women’s history month meets Ethiopia’s historical victory over Italy’s colonial ambitions, Empress Taytu comes to mind, the woman who agitated Emperor Menelik II to act, and led her people to defeat Italian forces on March 01, 1896. This African victory over European aggression was not only significant for Ethiopia, but was also empowering for people of color across the world (without excluding the fact … Continue reading When Women’s History Month Meets The Adwa Victory


Malcolm X: “Black America’s Unofficial Prime Minister”

February 21, 1965. Malcolm X’s bloody assassination in New York City. The following piece is originally published here. *** Malcolm X Was More Than MLK’s Alter Ego BY: PENIEL E. JOSEPH His memory remains contested and debated, as witnessed by the recent controversies over his depiction in rapper Nicki Minaj’s cover art and a Queens, N.Y., public school teacher forbidding students to write about him during Black History Month … Continue reading Malcolm X: “Black America’s Unofficial Prime Minister”


Angela Davis Speaks: Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

An outspoken political activist, scholar and author, Angela Davis recently spoke to, an online magazine that focuses on African American lifestyle, political and social issues. She discussed the history of black resistance in the United States and what the past struggles mean to contemporary activists (those in the Black Lives Matter movement) who fight against similar injustice that her generation and the generation before … Continue reading Angela Davis Speaks: Freedom Is A Constant Struggle


What would your definition of love be?

“May you experience love that stands the test of time.” Originally posted here. *** My definition of love By Richard Branson “Your very own definition of love and great relationship would be…?” Had you asked me what I thought love was when I was younger, I would have told you it was an overwhelming emotion that grips and squeezes your heart till it sings with … Continue reading What would your definition of love be?


The Trump Slogan: “Make America White Again”

Originally posted here. *** Donald Trump, the Most Dangerous Face in the Republican Crowd By Sasha Abramsky …What happens when a narcissist is unleashed by the mass media and becomes convinced that his media persona is actually both capable and deserving of ruling the world? [Elia Kazan’s 1957 movie “A Face in the Crowd”] warned of the dangers. Today, nearly sixty years later, [the movie’s … Continue reading The Trump Slogan: “Make America White Again”