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አረንጓዴ … አረንጓዴ ተሸበረ ሆዴ አረንጓዴ … አረንጓዴ ግራጫ ነው ጉዴ አረንጓዴ ቅጠል … ረገፈ … ረገፈ ቀረበት መንጠልጠል … መበላት በፍየል በረዶን አቀፈ አረንጓዴ … አረንጓዴ ተሟሟቀ ሆዴ አረንጓዴ … አረንጓዴ እሷን ልጅ መውደዴ አረንጓዴ ቀለም … ደመቀ … ደመቀ ክረምቱ አለፈና … ፀደዩ መጣና ልቤ ፀሐይ ሞቀ *** Advertisements Continue reading አረንጓዴ

Meskel Festival — The Finding of the True Cross

Orthodox Christians were busy today, celebrating the Meskel festival at Meskel Square in Addis and other public squares in the rest of Ethiopia. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea celebrate the Meskel Holiday (Finding of True Cross) every year on Meskerem 16, or Setember 26, per Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Churches’ traditions. Meskel means Cross in Ge’ez, ancient language, considered the predecessor of both Tigrigna and Amharic languages. According to Church teachings, … Continue reading Meskel Festival — The Finding of the True Cross