በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)

አንድነት የአብሮ መኖር መሠረት በግዴታ ሳይሆን በውዴታ በሚገነባ ቤት ልዩነትን የማይሽር የማይሰርዝ የማይፍቅ የአንዱን የበላይነት የማያደምቅ ሌላውን በኃይል የማይደፍቅ የተለየን የማይገፋ የማያጠወልግ ራስን መሆን ራስን ማስተዳደር የማይነፍግ በወንድማማችነት በእህትማማችነት መንፈስ የተሳሰረ ቤተሰባዊነት የሚያስቀድም ሰብዓዊነት የማያስር የማይገድል ያልሆነ ፍርደ ገምድል የማያባር የማያፍን የማይነዳ ወደ ገደል የማይጨቁን የማያደማ የማይደፈጥጥ የሚያለማ ከነጻነት ጋር ከቢሊሱማ ከሓርነት ጋር በሰላም ዜማ! *** *** We all are pencils, but we come in different colors, … Continue reading በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)


Blooming Brooming Building Rebuilding Or ruining . . . Trying, failing More failing And failing And succeeding . . . Progressing Regressing Or being stuck in between A ghost and a demon . . . Anxiety and stress Insecure and restless Or stream and moonlight Calm and confident . . . Life . . . Meaningful, meaningless Mindful, mindless Heartful, heartless Soulful, soulless Lustful, lustless … Continue reading Life


~from NYC Subway arts series Poetry in Motion, Commissioned by NYC’s MTA Arts for Transit Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas Dear Friends. P.s. Whenever you get a chance, please watch this documentary film called Happy (it’s available on Netflix). As corny as it may sound, the film was an entertaining, inspiring birthday gift that I gave to myself yesterday. 🙂 And I want it to be … Continue reading Ragtime



Hello Friends: Here is a Guestpost by Rediet Yibekal on the Repression of Freedom of Speech, Lack of Moderation, and rampant Extremism in Ethiopian Politics from both the Government and the Opposition side; and why Ethiopia must provide a buffer zone for moderate voices to thrive so that to loosen the tension between two or more extreme sides or political contenders. Rediet argues:  I do not fully encourage ultra-liberalism, … Continue reading RISING NUMBERS GOT ME THINKING . . .


The Drunkard And His Fed Up Body Organs

Once upon a time, there was a drunkard, a dysfunctional man. He was walking down an empty street, three in the morning. His liver, tired of detoxifying, threatened the body that it would dismember itself, claiming it couldn’t tolerate the man’s dysfunctional lifestyle anymore. It questioned why it must suffer inside such a filthy man. It stated that it slaved more than the rest of … Continue reading The Drunkard And His Fed Up Body Organs

US-consulate-compound-Libya via Guardian

Love, Respect and Peace

Hello Friends, The following is a Guestpost by Alia Sultan, a Saudi blogger and student. You can read her blog posts here. This post reflects on the controversial anti-Islam film that enraged muslims and caused violent protests across the world, leading to the death of US embassy staff members in Benghazi, Libya, though the US government no longer believes the attack was due to the film. Alia argues that the … Continue reading Love, Respect and Peace

Ethiopan Football Team Fans


ሉሲዎች አደራ ዋልያዎች አደራ ባካቹን አደራ ከቶ እንዳታደርጉን የጎሎች ጎተራ አደራ .. አደራ! እንደው ቢሆንማ እንደው ቢሰምርማ እንደው ቢሳካማ ዋንጫውን ደስታውን ማምጣት ነው ለማማ ከትግሉ አውድማ! *** I dedicate this poem to the Ethiopian National Football/Soccer Teams, Team Ethiopia: Dinknesh or Lucy (Women’s Team, named after humanity’s ancestor, the 3.2 million years old Lucy, or Dinknesh in Amharic, that was found in Ethiopia) and Walia … Continue reading አደራ


Somalia and Somaliland: The Way Forward

Hello Friends, Here is a Guestpost by Abdul Sharif, a Somali-American blogger and independent researcher on Africa. He blogs at Africathinker.  In this article, Abdul discusses current politics of Somalia and Somaliland, and concludes: With a new government in Mogadishu, there is a bold chance for both Somaliland and Somalia to enter dialogue and produce a process that all Somalis will accept. It’s an opportunity that … Continue reading Somalia and Somaliland: The Way Forward