Red Fire

Stubbornly uncompromising In love with stonewalling Addicted to whining Allergic to cheering Everyday consuming a stinking thinking – a black and white, single story of a gray history, and current misery. So we said ENOUGH to stinking madness. And lo, we no more see only darkness. Instead, we see light flickering – flames of red fire burning. We see, too, coming – progressive thinking. WE … Continue reading Red Fire

Nothing Has Been Wasted

Though some years have passed And some dreams have been deferred, Nothing has been wasted. Though you may feel unmoved, Or unfulfilled, Something has surely changed: Something visible, Or invisible, Something beyond What your eyes can see, Something in your internal sea. You are no longer the same, Except your name. You are constantly changing: You are being and becoming. And change can be nauseating; … Continue reading Nothing Has Been Wasted