Unpacking                       Packing Unpacking Packing                       Unpacking Packing All over again… Unpacking Shredding Tearing Folding Unfolding Keeping Throwing Packing Pieces of life In this house Full of memories That one feels forever attached to, Forever connected. Once again… Unpacking                       Packing Unpacking Packing                       Unpacking Packing                       Moving… *** Continue reading Packing


ዓሣ ጎርጓሪ…እንዲሉ…የኮሌጅ ማስታወሻ ደብተሬን እንዳጋጣሚ አገኘሁና ያኔ የሞነጫጨርኩትን ዳግም ሳነበው ፈገግ አሰኘኝ። አሁን፣ አሁን የግል ማስታወሻ ወይም ዳያሪ መፃፍ ትቻለሁ። የሚጻፍ ነገር ጠፍቶ ሳይሆን በቃ መጻፉ እያስጠላኝ ስለመጣ። መጥላትም ላይሆን ይችላል። ስንፍና? እድሜ ሲጨምር ስለ ግል ህይወት ማስታወሻ መፃፍ እንደ ጅልነት ተቆጥሮ? ከራስ ጋር ለመፋጠጥ ጊዜውም ትዕግስቱም ጠፍቶ? ብቻ ምክንያቱ ግልፅ አይደለም። በሌላ መልኩ ሳስበው ደግሞ አለመጻፍ ትልቅ ስህተት ይመስለኛል ምክንያቱም ነገሮች ተመዝግበው ቁጭ ሲሉ ጊዜ ካለፈ በኋላ … Continue reading ለቅምሻ…

Nothing Has Been Wasted

Though some years have passed And some dreams have been deferred, Nothing has been wasted. Though you may feel unmoved, Or unfulfilled, Something has surely changed: Something visible, Or invisible, Something beyond What your eyes can see, Something in your internal sea. You are no longer the same, Except your name. You are constantly changing: You are being and becoming. And change can be nauseating; … Continue reading Nothing Has Been Wasted

Childhood Song – Part II (ኧረ አምሳለ … ኧረ አምሳለ)

Here is another childhood memory. These days my mind has been busy traveling back in time. I wonder why. I guess subconsciously I miss my childhood. I wish that innocence would stay forever. As we grow older we tend to hold onto our childhood memories to inspire us and to battle adulthood boredom. I guess we also go back to those memories to reclaim the … Continue reading Childhood Song – Part II (ኧረ አምሳለ … ኧረ አምሳለ)