ፌስቡከኛ ፍቅር

ፍቅርም ዘምኖ ቋንቋው ፌስቡከኛ ከዓለም መንኖ የሳይበር ደንበኛ በፎቶ መማረክ add፣ add መደራረግ በlike ወይም በpoke ዒላማን መፈለግ ሲጀመር መግባባት “ቶሎ ነይ”፣ “ቶሎ ና” ያለምንም ትዕግስት ልብ ይሰክርና በinbox መሳሳብ በቃላት ትውውቅ መመሰጥ በሐሳብ ጭራሽ መነፋፈቅ በemoticon መግለጽ ውስጣዊ ስሜትን በዓለም ላይ ማመጽ አምልኮ ሳይበርን ልዑሉ፣ ልዕልቷ  ፌዝቡክ ላይ ይነግሡና ውበቱ፣ ውበቷ መለኪያ ያጣና   የperfect ማንነት ይፈበረክና ድንቅ የሆነ ሰው ባምሮ ይሳልና ፆታ ወንድ … Continue reading ፌስቡከኛ ፍቅር


When you start trusting me I will start trusting you Trusting you Trusting me Trusting us Trusting yes . . . Trust You Me Trust You We Trust They I Trust You . . . When you start trusting me I will start thirsting you You will start thirsting me I will stop mistrusting… You will stop mistrusting . . . Giving and taking Taking … Continue reading Trust

ሁሉ አማረህ … ሁሉ አማረሽ

ሁሉ አማረህ ገበያ ወጥቶ ይህችን ቃኝቶ ያችን ተመኝቶ እሷን ወዶ ከሷ ተላምዶ ለዚህች ነዶ ለዚያች አብዶ ከየትኛዋም ሳይሆን ከሁለት ያጣ ጎመን *** ሁሉ አማረሽ ገበያ ወጥታ ይህንን ቃኝታ ያንን ተመኝታ እሱን ወዳ ከሱ ተላምዳ ለዚህ ነዳ ለዚያ አብዳ ከየትኛውም ሳትሆን ከሁለት ያጣች ጎመን *** Here is a wacky Amharic song, and not to mention the wacky dancers 😀 Continue reading ሁሉ አማረህ … ሁሉ አማረሽ

ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

ጣቶችሽ አለንጋ አቤት ሲያናዝዙ ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር ብዙ ነው መዘዙ አቤት ቁንጥጫቸው ግርፊያቸው መከራ ትንፋሽሽም እሣት የስሜት ደመራ ቧጥጠሽ ቧጥጠሽ የጀርባዬን ሥጋ ዱላ ነው ፍቅርሽ ሌሊቱ እስኪነጋ መግነጢሳዊ ኃይል ገላሽ እየሳበኝ ለማምለጥ አልቻልኩም እንደ ወጥመድ ይዞኝ *** Continue reading ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

Each woman kills the thing that loves her …

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves,” so said Oscar, But true, too, if I say to avoid bias, That each woman kills the thing that loves her, Chasing after broken promise or external appearance, In pursuit of the one she loves or lusts, Or turned off by too much love, and demanding less. Each man is killed when he’s unwelcome to reveal his … Continue reading Each woman kills the thing that loves her …


Perhaps a solution for cheating partners, or for those who can’t commit to being monogamous: polyamory, chariot of poly lovers, no hiding in the dark, no sneakin’ around behind your partner’s back; polyamorous, fun and practical for some, but unthinkable for others. Polyamory is not only appealing, but also fair: the acceptance of having more than one lover, while making sure everyone involved is aware; … Continue reading Polyamory

Random Thought

#Love. Beautiful. Calm. Carefree. Chemistry. Committing. Compliment. Compromise. Considerate. Consistent. Courage. Dependable. Devotion. Everlasting. Exciting. Fair. Forgiving. Happy. Harmony. Heartfelt. Honest. Cautious. Innocence. Joy. Loyal. Open. Order. Painless. Passion. Admiration. Patient. Peace. Rational. Responsibility. Satisfied. Confidence. Stable. Trust. #Lust. Sexy. Turbulent. Careworn. Biology. Cheating. Belittle. Intransigence. Inconsiderate. Inconsistent. Fear. Undependable. Infatuation. Transient. Exhausting. Unfair. Vengeful. Unhappy. Disharmony. Insincere. Dishonest. Impulsive. Guilt. Suffering. Promiscuous. Surreptitious. Disorder. … Continue reading Random Thought