Impure Intentions: Calling A Spade A Spade

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from this piece by Karimi Gatimi, a Kenyan writer. Karimi’s piece offers a no-nonsense advice to couple and singles. Her story reminds us that when you truly love and have great respect for your partner, you certainly know how to honor him or her.   You look like a greedy, indecisive fool when you have a partner, but are … Continue reading Impure Intentions: Calling A Spade A Spade

Relationship Boundary

Relationship boundary is very important and it is the duty of the couple to enforce it. The way you enforce the relationship boundary can determine how much you value yourself, your partner or your relationship. Having a third party that fails to respect a relationship boundary can be a major challenge for romantic partners. The third party can be a family member, close friend, ex-lover, … Continue reading Relationship Boundary

The Fake Pastors Who Exploit Their Blind Followers

The things some religious “leaders” (especially some pastors or priests in Africa, Ethiopia) do to their gullible followers is sick and disturbing. What is more sick and disturbing is the fact people allow them to violate their dignity in the name of religion, spirit, or Jesus. Where in the Bible does it say that a religious teacher must treat his or her followers in a … Continue reading The Fake Pastors Who Exploit Their Blind Followers

Your Star

Your dream is the twinkling star Born on that same beautiful day you were born It is the light that shines when you are feeling down It is the glimmer of hope that emerges when you are thinking alone  Your dream is your star And your heart is the sky Never let go your dream  Hold on to your star as you say bye to … Continue reading Your Star

ፌስቡከኛ ፍቅር

ፍቅርም ዘምኖ ቋንቋው ፌስቡከኛ ከዓለም መንኖ የሳይበር ደንበኛ በፎቶ መማረክ add፣ add መደራረግ በlike ወይም በpoke ዒላማን መፈለግ ሲጀመር መግባባት “ቶሎ ነይ”፣ “ቶሎ ና” ያለምንም ትዕግስት ልብ ይሰክርና በinbox መሳሳብ በቃላት ትውውቅ መመሰጥ በሐሳብ ጭራሽ መነፋፈቅ በemoticon መግለጽ ውስጣዊ ስሜትን በዓለም ላይ ማመጽ አምልኮ ሳይበርን ልዑሉ፣ ልዕልቷ  ፌዝቡክ ላይ ይነግሡና ውበቱ፣ ውበቷ መለኪያ ያጣና   የperfect ማንነት ይፈበረክና ድንቅ የሆነ ሰው ባምሮ ይሳልና ፆታ ወንድ … Continue reading ፌስቡከኛ ፍቅር

Healthy Love vs Tainted Love

Excerpted from this post. By Kevin D. Arnold Real Love vs Tainted Love: Here are six key differences: 1. Giving freely vs. giving to get.  Real love is based on a desire to give to the other when the need arises, without expecting something in return. You trust each other to have one another’s back, and to be there for each other. Tainted love seldom … Continue reading Healthy Love vs Tainted Love


አንቺ ነሽ የኔ ፋሲካ ፍቅርሽ ልብ የሚያረካ አምሮብሻል የሀገር ባሕል ለብሰሽ ዘንጠሻል ውዴ የኔ ጣፋጭ ስትይ ቀጭ ቋ ቀጭ አረማመድሽ ሲያምርብሽ አንቺ የኔ ቆንጆ ልዝፈንልሽ ዋጆ የኔዋ ፈንዲሻ የኔ ልበልሻ አንቺ የኔ አማላይ የኔዋ ውብ ፀሐይ ደማቅ የማለዳ ቀይ ጽጌረዳ ማርያምን! *** Continue reading ማርያምን!

ከልብ ሲዋደዱ

ከልብ ሲዋደዱ ደስ ይላል መንገዱ ተውቦ ባበቦች ደምቆ በኮከቦች ታጅቦ በቀልዶች በሳቅ በጫወታ በሚስብ ፈገግታ በሚጥሙ ቃላት በሚያምሩ ቀለማት ከልብ ሲዋደዱ በፍቅር ሲያብዱ ምስጢር አይቋጥሩ ተማምነው ይኖሩ ጥል እንኳ ቢፈጠር ውሎ የማያድር ሆድ ውስጥ የማይጠጥር ረምጦ የማያሳር በይቅር ይቅርታ ሳይከር የሚፈታ የግልጽነት ጉዞ ነገር ሳይሆን አዞ የሚባላ አራዊት ሳይታሰብ ድንገት ከልብ ሲዋደዱ ምቹ ነው መንገዱ ጎርባጣ እንኳ ቢሆን አያስመር አያስመንን *** “[When] you find someone … Continue reading ከልብ ሲዋደዱ