“I don’t believe in coincidence”

“I believe there is a reason why we have met, why we are talking right now. I don’t believe in coincidence.” That was a parting comment that came way after I hesitated to respond to a smalltalk. Generally, I am not a smalltalk fan, especially with random people unless of course I am equally interested. Smalltalk can be as annoying as a mosquito buzz. Imagine … Continue reading “I don’t believe in coincidence”


ሥጋህ ይመዘናል ለገበያ ይቀርባል ደምህ ይወቀሳል ዘርህ ይቆጠራል የቆዳህ ቀለም ወይ በር ያስከፍታል ወይ ያዘጋብሃል ኑሮን ስትታገል ሲኖርህ ሰው ታፈራለህ ስታጣ አስታዋሽ የለህ ሲሳካ ፈላጊህ ብዛቱ ስትከሽፍ ብቸኝነቱ መኖርን ትኖራለህ ተስፋ ሆኖ ምግብህ   የሰውነትህ ዳገት ቁልቁለቱ እስከ ሞት እኔነትህ ተፈትጎ ተበጥሮ ተወቅጦ ተለስኖ ተመርጎ ተወቅሮ ተለንቅጦ ስቀህ አልቅሰህ ጠግበህ ተርበህ አፍቅረህ ጠልተህ ናፍቀህ ረስተህ ጉዞ ወደፊት…   *** Continue reading ሰውነት

What would your definition of love be?

“May you experience love that stands the test of time.” Originally posted here. *** My definition of love By Richard Branson “Your very own definition of love and great relationship would be…?” Had you asked me what I thought love was when I was younger, I would have told you it was an overwhelming emotion that grips and squeezes your heart till it sings with … Continue reading What would your definition of love be?

The Whisper

Smash the brick wall Exit the ghost town The concrete jungle Blue square Uneven lines Dull canvas Spiral thoughts Forget about it Drive away, my son Down the rabbit hole Up the hill of the rising sun Go on, my little one My prayer shall protect you Providence shall guide you And love shall find you The beautiful whisper Of my mother’s blessing Always there … Continue reading The Whisper


Stable. Safe. Secure. The code words people use for saying that they want a normal, risk (hassle, problem, uncertainty) free life — a life that is within their comfort zone. For the majority, instability — whether personal, political or economic — implies constant struggle, unexpected change, unpredictability, and is considered a risk that must be avoided. The need for stability arises from the need to … Continue reading Stability

Your Star

Your dream is the twinkling star Born on that same beautiful day you were born It is the light that shines when you are feeling down It is the glimmer of hope that emerges when you are thinking alone  Your dream is your star And your heart is the sky Never let go your dream  Hold on to your star as you say bye to … Continue reading Your Star