World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa

Today is World Press Freedom Day, and here is where the Horn of Africa stands, learning from and adopting the West’s systemic media censorship: Though Eritrea and Ethiopia are among top 10 countries in media repression, the majority of African governments do not want free press and do not protect journalists who expose power abuse, human rights violations, corruption and official scandals. CPJ’s current report … Continue reading World Press Freedom Day: The Horn of Africa

“Ethiopia and UK will continue to be strong and strategic allies…”

The British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Greg Dorey, wrote a passionate blog post this week, announcing the end of his four-year service as a diplomat in Addis Ababa, Africa’s political capital and a regional hub for international organizations. “Goodbyes are never easy, but I have had an amazing four years getting to know this place — full of hospitable people and outstanding experiences,” the Ambassador said. … Continue reading “Ethiopia and UK will continue to be strong and strategic allies…”

Ethiopia: Stop Bloody Crackdown – HRW

Human Rights Watch released a brief report today that highlighted the ongoing protests in Oromia region and urged the government to stop the use of excessive force by its security personnel immediately. *** Dispatches: Yet Again, a Bloody Crackdown on Protesters in Ethiopia – HRW Student protests are spreading throughout Ethiopia’s Oromia region, as people demonstrate against the possibility that Oromo farmers and residents living … Continue reading Ethiopia: Stop Bloody Crackdown – HRW

Screw Rum Or Tantrum

When things fall apart Sometimes they bitter Othertimes they better An aching heart… Before things fall apart There exists heart of darkness Birthing beauty and the beast And playing blues as background songs… Of prejudice… Then things fall apart Spurting profound feeling Of hungrily wanting, longing Craving, desiring… Pure LOVE Faith and trust Not threatened by lust Greed or doubt Anger or disgust Despair or … Continue reading Screw Rum Or Tantrum

በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)

አንድነት የአብሮ መኖር መሠረት በግዴታ ሳይሆን በውዴታ በሚገነባ ቤት ልዩነትን የማይሽር የማይሰርዝ የማይፍቅ የአንዱን የበላይነት የማያደምቅ ሌላውን በኃይል የማይደፍቅ የተለየን የማይገፋ የማያጠወልግ ራስን መሆን ራስን ማስተዳደር የማይነፍግ በወንድማማችነት በእህትማማችነት መንፈስ የተሳሰረ ቤተሰባዊነት የሚያስቀድም ሰብዓዊነት የማያስር የማይገድል ያልሆነ ፍርደ ገምድል የማያባር የማያፍን የማይነዳ ወደ ገደል የማይጨቁን የማያደማ የማይደፈጥጥ የሚያለማ ከነጻነት ጋር ከቢሊሱማ ከሓርነት ጋር በሰላም ዜማ! *** *** We all are pencils, but we come in different colors, … Continue reading በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)

ቅዠት (Delusion)

ቅዠት ተመልካች ከወንበር ተጣብቆ ሲለጋ ሲጫወት ከኳስ ሜዳ ርቆ በወሬ ጎል ሲከት *** Originally shared here: #MicroPoetry. *** This Amharic poem is about delusional soccer game spectators who act as if they are in the soccer field scoring goal while they are actually seated very far from the field and are not the players. Perhaps, a metaphor for displaced people who “overcompensate” their absence from the place … Continue reading ቅዠት (Delusion)

Ethiopia: Mass demonstration after 8 years

Addis Abeba, June 2, 2013: A recently organized party, Blue Party, held a political march today, 8 years after the 2005 brutal crackdown that caused the unnecessary and unfortunate death of opposition protestors and police officers. It has been reported that the protest was meant to happen on May 25, 2013, when the African Union celebrated its 50th anniversary. However, the government rejected the organizer’s … Continue reading Ethiopia: Mass demonstration after 8 years

Constitution USA – The History of Bill of Rights and Other Insights

A PBS documentary film that talks about the history of the US constitution; why the nation’s founding fathers, who met in Philadelphia, excluded the Bill of Rights; what happens when these rights come into conflict; and how current technology, politics is challenging American constitutionalism: Constitution USA with Peter Sagal: It’s a Free Country.  On Free Speech, quoted from the film: “When we are confronted with speech … Continue reading Constitution USA – The History of Bill of Rights and Other Insights

የአርበኞች መንፈስ ሲታወስ (Remembering Ethiopian Patriots)

February 19, or Yekatit 12, is remembered in Ethiopia as Martyr’s Day. Seventy six years ago, two young Ethiopians (they were Eritreans but Eritrea was a province of Ethiopia then), Abraham Deboch and Moges Asgedom, who were angered by racism and colonial occupation, attempted to assassinate Rudolfo Graziani, the commander of the Italian fascist forces that occupied Ethiopia between 1936-1941, inflicting heavy wounds on him and … Continue reading የአርበኞች መንፈስ ሲታወስ (Remembering Ethiopian Patriots)


እስከመቼ? እስከመቼ በጉልበት መነጣጠቅ ሥልጣንን በትንቅንቅ? እስከመቼ በሽኩቻ ሀገርን ማድረግ ገወቻ? እስከመቼ መሆን ሙጫ ያለዲሞክራሲ ምርጫ? እስከመቼ ወንጃ ወንጃ መፍትሔ መሻት በጠበንጃ? እስከመቼ…? እስከመቼ…? እስከመቼ ወተምተም ወተምተም አረጋግዞ ጥላቻና ቂም? እስከመቼ እንጎድ እንጎድ በመብረቅ ድምፅ በነጎድጓድ? እስከመቼ ቃሰንተኛ የሙስና ሱሰኛ? እስከመቼ ማቶንቶን ያለነፃነት መታፈን? እስከመቼ መርገጥ ጭቅጫቅ ያለ ፍትህ መንቦራጨቅ? እስከመቼ…? እስከመቼ…? እስከመቼ መጠላለፍ እያመጹ ጥሎ ማለፍ? እስከመቼ ምቀኝነት በቀልና መጥፎ ቅናት? እስከመቼ አምባገነን እየሾሙ … Continue reading እስከመቼ?