Red Fire

Stubbornly uncompromising In love with stonewalling Addicted to whining Allergic to cheering Everyday consuming a stinking thinking – a black and white, single story of a gray history, and current misery. So we said ENOUGH to stinking madness. And lo, we no more see only darkness. Instead, we see light flickering – flames of red fire burning. We see, too, coming – progressive thinking. WE … Continue reading Red Fire

ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

ጣቶችሽ አለንጋ አቤት ሲያናዝዙ ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር ብዙ ነው መዘዙ አቤት ቁንጥጫቸው ግርፊያቸው መከራ ትንፋሽሽም እሣት የስሜት ደመራ ቧጥጠሽ ቧጥጠሽ የጀርባዬን ሥጋ ዱላ ነው ፍቅርሽ ሌሊቱ እስኪነጋ መግነጢሳዊ ኃይል ገላሽ እየሳበኝ ለማምለጥ አልቻልኩም እንደ ወጥመድ ይዞኝ *** Continue reading ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

The solo flamenco guitarist

Such a manly man, But his fingers, Yes, his fingers Dance on the guitar’s strings Like pink Flamingos. His body moves rhythmically Like those graceful bailaoras. Such charm, such style! His manner, his speech, His modesty, his excellence, Oh, those vibrating hands, Making the guitar tremble, And my heart tumble! The passion, And the smile on his face, My goodness! ¡Que maravilloso! ¡Que delicioso! Ummmmmmm! Continue reading The solo flamenco guitarist