Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Hello Friends: Here is a second guestpost on Ramadan—this time by Alia Sultan, a blogger and law student from Saudi Arabia. I am a big fan of Alia’s beautiful writing, which follows footsteps of Khalil Gibran and/or One Thousand and One Nights. When you get a chance, please visit her lovely blog. For now, enjoy her Ramadan entry!πŸ™‚ *** Ramadan By Alia Sultan It arrived, … Continue reading Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Ramadan in the Maldives

Hello Friends, Time for a guestpost! Today’s guestpost comes from the Maldives. And the writer is one of my favorite bloggers, Amira, who writes lovely poems and stories about the Maldives and life in general. In this post, we will find out how Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in Islam, is practiced and celebrated in the Maldives. Enjoy!πŸ™‚ *** Ramadan, 10 days completedπŸ™‚ 20 … Continue reading Ramadan in the Maldives