በሕልሜ ወንዝ አየሁ ረዥም ጥቁር ወንዝ እንደ ዘንዶ የሚጠማዘዝ ዘልዬ እንዳልዋኝ ፈራሁ “ቢውጠኝስ” ብዬ… ወንዙ በዝምታ ሲፈስ    ውስጤ በሐሳብ ሲታመስ ለካስ ልደት ነው ዛሬ በትዝታ ጭልጥ ወዳገሬ ቦቃ ፈረስ እየጋለብኩ ውቅያኖሱን ልሻገር ስል… ብንን እዚህ አዲስ ዘመን ቀዝቃዛ ወላፈን *** መልካም ገና! Continue reading ለካስ…

A wedding Photo of Destaye and her husband taken from www.tooyoungtowed.org via MH

በለጋው ሂወቴ (Too Young To Wed)

ገና ራሴን ሳላውቅ ባስራ አራት አመቴ በተክሊል ተጋባሁ ከጋሽ ባለቤቴ ውስጤም ፍሬ ያዘ ባስራምስት አመቴ ፊስቱላን አተረፍኩ በለጋው ሂወቴ *** I was too young; barely knew right, wrong. But my Church approved and anointed my marriage despite my underage – fourteen to be exact. And pregnant at fifteen. Fistula – my return. *** Though this documentary inspired the poem, I mentioned the Fistula reference to … Continue reading በለጋው ሂወቴ (Too Young To Wed)

Ethiopia: First Lady Roman Tesfaye (Profile)

Following the unexpected death of Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, his deputy, Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, is now a Prime Minister, after the ruling party, EPRDF, appointed him as its Chairman and recommended him to Parliament, which approved him recently. That means Ethiopia now has a new First Family. Often, behind every leader, there is a loving husband or a wife. And so Ms. Roman … Continue reading Ethiopia: First Lady Roman Tesfaye (Profile)

ምንድን ነው ቆይ ጉዱ? (What’s goin’ on?)

I wrote this Amharic poem just few minutes ago. For whatever reason, the actions that are being taken by the current administration in Ethiopia appear to me quite dangerous and illogical. They just don’t make sense. The constitution clearly states that the government shall not interfere in religious affairs. But in the name of fighting extremist elements in the Muslim community (such as advocates of … Continue reading ምንድን ነው ቆይ ጉዱ? (What’s goin’ on?)

“Who was Emperor Haile Selassie’s Mother?”

“Who was Emperor Haile Selassie’s mother?” is the title of this Amharic article. This is a controversial topic that many Ethiopians feel uncomfortable to talk about due to its political heaviness. The article discusses how the Emperor and writers of his biography never revealed his mother’s full name or her photograph in public during or after his reign, deliberately due to the sensitivity of the … Continue reading “Who was Emperor Haile Selassie’s Mother?”

የኔን ፋንታ (Missing Mom’s Cooking)

የኔን ፋንታ አንድ ብልት አንድ እንቁላል ከአንድ እንጀራ በአገልግል እማ ላኪ ዶሮ ፋንታ የሁዳዴ ፆም ሲፈታ በፋሲካው እንዳላዝን በትዝታ እንዳልቦዝን እማ ላኪ የኔን ፋንታ በስልክ ቤት ወይ በፖስታ “ይድረስ” ብለሽ “አሜሪካ” እማ ላኪ ለፋሲካ *** Missing Mom’s Cooking Here I crave my mom’s cooking on Easter eve I die longing mom’s Doro Wot mouth burning spicy hot And that Injera flat bread of primavera that … Continue reading የኔን ፋንታ (Missing Mom’s Cooking)

መልካም ገና (Merry Ethiopian Christmas)!

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church officially celebrates Christmas today.🙂 That is because it follows a different calendar system. Sister churches such as the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Armenian Orthodox Church, and others also celebrate their Christmas today.🙂 YeGenna Chaweta In Ethiopia, Christmas is commonly referred to as Genna (FYI: the … Continue reading መልካም ገና (Merry Ethiopian Christmas)!

The Bewketu Seyoum Fiasco

Just two days ago I found out from Ethiopian blogs (the few that exist) that the Ethiopian writer Bewketu Seyoum, known for his satiric creative juices in Amharic, has been in a critical condition after some angry Ethiopian Orthodox Church members attacked him because they considered a recent satire he penned on an Orthodox saint very ‘offensive’ or ‘anti-church, anti-religion’. I haven’t yet read the article (Many … Continue reading The Bewketu Seyoum Fiasco