ሥጋህ ይመዘናል ለገበያ ይቀርባል ደምህ ይወቀሳል ዘርህ ይቆጠራል የቆዳህ ቀለም ወይ በር ያስከፍታል ወይ ያዘጋብሃል ኑሮን ስትታገል ሲኖርህ ሰው ታፈራለህ ስታጣ አስታዋሽ የለህ ሲሳካ ፈላጊህ ብዛቱ ስትከሽፍ ብቸኝነቱ መኖርን ትኖራለህ ተስፋ ሆኖ ምግብህ   የሰውነትህ ዳገት ቁልቁለቱ እስከ ሞት እኔነትህ ተፈትጎ ተበጥሮ ተወቅጦ ተለስኖ ተመርጎ ተወቅሮ ተለንቅጦ ስቀህ አልቅሰህ ጠግበህ ተርበህ አፍቅረህ ጠልተህ ናፍቀህ ረስተህ ጉዞ ወደፊት…   *** Advertisements Continue reading ሰውነት


The Whisper

Smash the brick wall Exit the ghost town The concrete jungle Blue square Uneven lines Dull canvas Spiral thoughts Forget about it Drive away, my son Down the rabbit hole Up the hill of the rising sun Go on, my little one My prayer shall protect you Providence shall guide you And love shall find you The beautiful whisper Of my mother’s blessing Always there … Continue reading The Whisper


Poem of the Day

The following Afaan Oromo poem is written by Moti Abelti Tufa. One of our readers forwarded it to us. Moti wrote the poem to express his happiness that Afaan Oromo will join the BBC World Service programming as one of the languages from the Horn of Africa, along with Amharic and Tigrigna. The poem celebrates those who participated in the #BBCAfaanOromo online petition, asking the … Continue reading Poem of the Day


Impure Intentions: Calling A Spade A Spade

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from this piece by Karimi Gatimi, a Kenyan writer. Karimi’s piece offers a no-nonsense advice to couple and singles. Her story reminds us that when you truly love and have great respect for your partner, you certainly know how to honor him or her.   You look like a greedy, indecisive fool when you have a partner, but are … Continue reading Impure Intentions: Calling A Spade A Spade


We Can Change This

The Guradian newspaper just published this harrowing experience of a mother whose 13-year-old daughter was sexually harassed by a stranger in the train — right in front of her. What would you do if you were in her position? She wrote: He stared across me at my daughter. “What’s your name?” he asked. She didn’t reply. “Pretty, pretty, pretty,” he said.   I told him … Continue reading We Can Change This


የቡድሃ መንፈስ

ከመወለዴ በፊት ማን ነበርኩኝ? ከተወለድኩስ በኋላ ማን ነኝ? ብለህ ራስህን ጠይቅ፤ ብለሽ ራስሽን ጠይቂ። ራስህን አክብር፤ ራስሽን አክብሪ፤ ያኔ ሁሉም ሰው ያከብርሃል፣ ያከብርሻል። ራስህን ተረዳ፤ ራስሽን ተረጂ፤ ያኔ ሁሉም ሰው ይረዳሻል፣ ይረዳሃል። በዙርያህ፣ በዙርያሽ መስታወቶች አሉ፦ ራስህን ለማየትና ለመረዳት ትጉህ ሁን፤ ራስሽን ለማየትና ለመረዳት ትጉህ ሁኚ። ጥሩ ልብ ይኑርህ፤ ጥሩ ልብ ይኑርሽ፤ መጥፎን ነገር ማድረግ አቁም፤ መጥፎን ነገር ማድረግ አቁሚ። ሌሌችን ለመርዳት የሚቻልህን ሁሉ አድርግ፤ … Continue reading የቡድሃ መንፈስ