Today’s Quote: Someone Who Can Completely Turn Your World Around

“[Only once] in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown … Continue reading Today’s Quote: Someone Who Can Completely Turn Your World Around

ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

ጣቶችሽ አለንጋ አቤት ሲያናዝዙ ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር ብዙ ነው መዘዙ አቤት ቁንጥጫቸው ግርፊያቸው መከራ ትንፋሽሽም እሣት የስሜት ደመራ ቧጥጠሽ ቧጥጠሽ የጀርባዬን ሥጋ ዱላ ነው ፍቅርሽ ሌሊቱ እስኪነጋ መግነጢሳዊ ኃይል ገላሽ እየሳበኝ ለማምለጥ አልቻልኩም እንደ ወጥመድ ይዞኝ *** Continue reading ካንቺ ጋራ ፍቅር

ፍቅር (El Amor)

ፍቅር፣ ፍቅር፣ አቤት ሲያመናቅር፤ ምንቅር፣ ምንቅር፣ ምንቅርቅርቅርቅር፤ ደንገጥ፣ ደንገጥ፣ ፈራ፣ ተባ ሲል፤ ወይኔ ታየ የልቡ መዝለል፤ እፍር፣ እፍር፣ እፍርፍር እሷም፤ እይዋት ቆንጂት ስትሽኮረመም፤ ኮስተር፣  ኮስተር፣ አቤት ኮስተርተር፤ ፈካ፣ በራ፣ ትንፋሽ እጥርጥር፤ ሰከን፣ ሰከን፣ ሰከንከንከንከን፤ አቤት ለሱ ያላት ሰቀቀን፤ እዩት፣ እዩት፣ አፉ ሲታሰር፤ ኮልተፍ፣ ኮልተፍ፣ ወይ መቀባጠር፤ ደንበር፣ ደንበር፣ ደንበርበርበርበር፤ እይዋት ውቢት ስትደናበር፤ ማፍቀር፣ ማፍቀር፣ በስሜት መስከር፤ ለልብ ህመም፣ ትርምስ መፍጠር፤ አዲስ ማዕበል፣ አዲስ ውዥንብር፣ አዲስ … Continue reading ፍቅር (El Amor)

I feel …

I feel agitated, I feel a rageful dismay, but I can’t explain why. I feel nauseated, I feel restless like a pregnant sky, but I still can’t explain why. Maybe because I want to devour you, my unreachable passion fruit. *** Here is my favorite ballad from Aster Aweke, Ethiopia’s Queen of Pop, sometimes referred to as Ethiopia’s Aretha Franklin: 🙂 Continue reading I feel …

መኖር ባይኖር (Had I not existed…)

መኖር ባይኖር አልመኝም ነበር የሷን ጠይም ከንፈር እሷና እኔም አንገናኝ ነበር አዎን መኖር ባይኖር ሰላም አገኝ ነበር ከዚያች የልብ ካንሰር! *** Had I not existed, I wouldn’t have wished her soft brown lips; we would have never met to begin with. Yes, had I not existed, I would have had peace from her, the cancer of my heart, la douleur exquise. *** Continue reading መኖር ባይኖር (Had I not existed…)