የዘመኑ ንዑስ – ከበርቴ ይገዛና “ስማርትፎን” ወይም “ላፕቶፕን” ይማራል “ሳይበር – ካራቴ” . . ይሸልላል በወፈወሬ ይሳለቃል በኋላቀሬ “ያካፍላል” የበላውን የጠጣውን የገዛውን ይለዋውጣል ምስል የራሱን በ “ፎቶሾብ” ያሳመረውን . . ጦር ይሰብቃል በፈረንጅ ቃላት ሀገሩን ነፃ ሊያወጣት ከአቆርቋዡ ሥርዓት . . “ሰርች” ያደርጋል “ፖርንን” “ኢንጆይ” ሊያደርግ ወሲብን ሊፈትሽ ድብቅ “ፋንታሲውን” እየሻረ ጁማና እሁድን . . ያማራል የኑሮውን ድጥ የ “ኢንተርኔት” መቋረጥ የ “ፌዝቡክ ላይክን” ማጣት … Continue reading አልተገናኝቶ

Red Fire

Stubbornly uncompromising In love with stonewalling Addicted to whining Allergic to cheering Everyday consuming a stinking thinking – a black and white, single story of a gray history, and current misery. So we said ENOUGH to stinking madness. And lo, we no more see only darkness. Instead, we see light flickering – flames of red fire burning. We see, too, coming – progressive thinking. WE … Continue reading Red Fire


Nothing Has Been Wasted

Though some years have passed And some dreams have been deferred, Nothing has been wasted. Though you may feel unmoved, Or unfulfilled, Something has surely changed: Something visible, Or invisible, Something beyond What your eyes can see, Something in your internal sea. You are no longer the same, Except your name. You are constantly changing: You are being and becoming. And change can be nauseating; … Continue reading Nothing Has Been Wasted

Ethiopia: The Land of the Undemocratic Democrats

An excerpt that summarizes the gist of the article: …In the toxic Ethiopian political landscape, you are essentially expected to shut up and accept what the ruling party or anti-ruling party groups say. You are supposed to take what either group says as an unchallengeable truth. If you resist, you become a target for both sides to attack you. You cannot stand in the middle. … Continue reading Ethiopia: The Land of the Undemocratic Democrats


Conditions can make you stop Conditions can make you run Conditions can push you up Conditions can pull you down Conditions can make you jump Conditions can make you drown Conditions … Conditions Conditions can make you gag Conditions can make you bite Conditions can make you lag Conditions can make you quiet Conditions can make you dig Conditions can make you write Conditions … … Continue reading Conditions

ያለጊዜው ያረጀ ቤት (A House That Has Aged Untimely)

ኩስስ ያለ ኮስማና ያጋደለ ያልተቃና ግርግዳው የፈራረሰ ወለሉ አቧራ የላሰ በቁንጫ የተወረሰ ቆርቆሮው የሚንቆረቆር ማገሩ የሚፈረፈር ምስጦች የከተሙበት ያለጊዜው ያረጀ ቤት አቤት የኔ ሰውነት *** My body is like a house that has aged early, a house that has lost its youthfulness untimely. Though twenty plus, it has let go its vitality. It looks as if it has hit thirty, forty, fifty, sixty. My body … Continue reading ያለጊዜው ያረጀ ቤት (A House That Has Aged Untimely)

Daily Metamorphosis

I construct and reconstruct myself every day. I create, recreate, and sometimes I destroy. I constantly evolve, I creatively expand, I unconsciously transform, and I consciously rebuild. As I breathe, walk, sleep, dream, imagine, love, caress, I undergo both reversible and irreversible changes. Sometimes I feel empty, numb, and gullible. Other times I feel complete, alive, and careful. Whatever the case, I am what I … Continue reading Daily Metamorphosis