I feel a sharp spear, Or a knife thrust into my heart As sadness Pierces, stabs it! Am bleeding … I feel agonizing pain From the sharp edges Of barbed wires Wrapped around my heart … I feel a razor slashing As my heart keeps bleeding … Nonstop. And I think Am already anemic. There comes my blue moment, Again! How perfect! I swear, Sometimes … Continue reading Sadness


“I AM SORRY FOR EVER ENTERING YOUR LIFE!!! Am sorry am overcritical, nagging, overbearing, alright!!!” She screams loudly as she disdainfully paints his portrait on the bloody canvas. She deliberately butchers his body parts. And before she clings to her cigarettes, she spits on him with such intense hatred, anger. “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING ME SUFFER!!!” She doesn’t seem satisfied with the … Continue reading Anger