Healthy Love vs Tainted Love

Excerpted from this post. By Kevin D. Arnold Real Love vs Tainted Love: Here are six key differences: 1. Giving freely vs. giving to get.  Real love is based on a desire to give to the other when the need arises, without expecting something in return. You trust each other to have one another’s back, and to be there for each other. Tainted love seldom … Continue reading Healthy Love vs Tainted Love

Kweschn’s 2013 – Some Interesting Facts

Data via The top referring sites in 2013 were: Most visitors came from Ethiopia. The United States and EU were not far behind. And the 5 most active commenters – Thank you! 🙂 1 amira 2 eva626 3 mebrat 4 soniafq 5 agelgil Wishing all Kweschn followers a happy and productive new year 2014! Thank you for your support … Continue reading Kweschn’s 2013 – Some Interesting Facts

Beauty and Perception: What’s Beautiful?

Hello Friends: Here is a GuestPost by Rediet Yibekal on the perception of beauty. Every culture has its own understanding of beauty, which is often biased as skin color (or tones) and physical appearances remain the measuring sticks that define who is beautiful and who is not. Add to that the history of slavery, colonialism, racism, and various wars of conquest.  Nowadays, beauty (both masculine … Continue reading Beauty and Perception: What’s Beautiful?

Constitution USA – The History of Bill of Rights and Other Insights

A PBS documentary film that talks about the history of the US constitution; why the nation’s founding fathers, who met in Philadelphia, excluded the Bill of Rights; what happens when these rights come into conflict; and how current technology, politics is challenging American constitutionalism: Constitution USA with Peter Sagal: It’s a Free Country.  On Free Speech, quoted from the film: “When we are confronted with speech … Continue reading Constitution USA – The History of Bill of Rights and Other Insights

Escape to the Legion and the Aftermath

Wanna get a glimpse of the harsh life of a solidier? Or whether you can make it after a brutal Sahara Desert training? Then you should watch Escape to the Legion, a BBC documentary about the French Foreign Legion, a mercenary army founded in 1831, and still active. The documentary not only demonstrates that a life in the army can never be for the faint-hearted, but it also exposes … Continue reading Escape to the Legion and the Aftermath

How Brainwashing Works

Hello Friends: In this post, I share with you an eye-opening documentary film, produced by BBC: The Century of the Self. This is not one of those documentaries that are based on conspiracy or rumor, but a well-researched documentary, backed with credible or verifiable facts. If you want to know or get a glimpse of how political or social psychology works; how one man in particular … Continue reading How Brainwashing Works

Oscar Micheaux – The First African American Filmmaker

Hello Friends:  Here I present to you a guest post written by Imogen Taylor who will be contributing more interesting articles in the times to come. This article is about “a name that not many people know in the twenty first century, but a name that certainly made an impression during the earliest years of cinema for his bold statements and positive interpretations of African American people,” … Continue reading Oscar Micheaux – The First African American Filmmaker

Eat, Pray, Love and Create :)

In this fantastic TED Talk, Elizabeth Gilbert passionately explains the ups and downs of the creative process. It is a must see. I thank my friend who forwarded me the link. After listening to Elizabeth’s wisdom, what I can say to all my blogger friends is this: let’s keep blogging! 😉 And all my other friends and visitors, hope you enjoy this amazing talk: Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love and Create 🙂

Introducing Fisum T

Fisum T, an emerging Habesha artist, is an Atlanta-based singer and songwriter who captivates his listeners with his beautiful Amharic songs that celebrate friendship, happiness and love. Many find his songs very comforting and uplifting. Though his influences come from different musical backgrounds, Fisum sings in a style that is uniquely his own. Every song that he sings is an old memory that sends him back … Continue reading Introducing Fisum T