Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago this blog was born.
There were at least three other blogs before it that I created and deleted.
I had also an Amharic podcast where I recited my poems and short stories. Deleted that too.
But somehow I have been stuck with this blog.
The journey has been quite interesting.
A love-hate relationship, I must say.
Plenty of times I wanted to delete it — just like the many others before it.
But I never hit the delete button, and I am glad that I didn’t.

I feel proud to say that I was one of the early bloggers from Ethiopia, way before the word “blog” had become a mainstream term in the country. I experimented with Google’s Blogger first. I migrated to WordPress when it became a powerful CMS in 2008. But I was hardly consistent with my Blogging until five years ago. Even in the last five years, my blogging experience has been an on-and-off struggle with the question “to blog or not to blog.”

Writing is an exhausting process and very time consuming. Blogging, as a form of writing, is more challenging if you are just doing it for the love of storytelling, but never getting paid for it.

Sharing your views with the world, knowing very well that nobody may give a damn about what you write, is never easy. It is also similar to exposing yourself naked. And, yet, you are not discouraged by that — after all, you are blogging not to please others, but to get stuff off of your chest, to breathe. I do it because I find it liberating to some extent.

When I began the blogging journey more than five years ago, I had no lofty goals of “changing the world” as I didn’t consider myself an “activist Blogger,” which has become a fad nowadays. I only needed an outlet to express myself, to tell my story, with no censorship. None of the existing media outlets offered young people like me that chance — neither the pro government, nor the “neutral,” nor the anti government ones.

The mainstream media outlets want you to subscribe to their political agenda, hidden or obvious, and never entertain a perspective that questions them. Thus, instead of sucking up to their editorial dictatorship, I signed up on WordPress to blog my way out of the black and white worldviews into the grey zone.

The forces that want one-sided perspective have only multiplied themselves in the last five years. Similarly, my conviction of keeping Kweschn alive has equally multiplied.

Four years ago, the people at believed that Kweschn deserved the mention as the “top five informative Ethiopian blogs to watch,” which was flattering and motivating. Kweschn now has an active social media presence across platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Though my procrastinating on the launch of a separate non-personal news and views site is coming to an end, I plan to keep Kweschn as my personal outlet.

I want to thank you all, readers and friends, for flying with Kweschn for the last five years. I have met so many beautiful souls through this blog though I have lost touch with a lot of people. In life, the only thing constant is change — so I heard.

For now, it is time to celebrate the five year anniversary of my bittersweet Kweschn.


Your millennial Blogger,
from the Horn of Africa,
Ethiopia, Diaspora.

πŸ™‚ πŸ»πŸŒπŸ’•




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