Is there anybody out there who loves Barcelona FC more than this grandma?

Meet Mrs. Atsede, an exceptional 80-year-old woman and your most unusual Barcelona FC fan, hailing from Ethiopia. She has virtually become a local celebrity in Addis Ababa because of her love of soccer games, the Barcelona FC and its star player Leo Messi. Although her friends and neighbors make fun of her and think she may be crazy, she has no time for naysayers. A devout soccer lover and enamored with Barcelona, she cares less about what others think of her.


Mrs. Atsede has never let anyone or anything come between her and Barça. She is the most loyal soccer fan, undeterred by her age and gender barrier. According to a recent story about her life, she hardly misses a Barcelona match.

Since Mrs Atsede can’t afford a satellite TV at home, she roams the streets of Addis in search of places where she can watch her favorite team. Whether it means walking at night alone or staying up late in soccer bars, full of screaming young and adult men, she does whatever the cost to cheer Barcelona. Being the only woman surrounded by men never intimidates her. In fact, she puts the men to shame when they start acting stupid, such as fighting when their team loses.

Despite her old age, Mrs. Atsede works very hard to earn income for her soccer escapades. You can say that she is truly an independent woman. If you listen to her talk, you will love her instantly. Absolutely fascinating woman! Her free spirit reminds me of the late Asnaketch Worku, a rebellious and talented artist, who was known for resisting society’s standards of gender roles.

Mrs. Atsede is an adventurous soul who refuses to submit to the stereotypes of old age. Her story is inspiring, no doubt, that to do what you love and to celebrate life, neither age nor gender is a limit. May she live longer and enjoy her life more!




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