What happens when a star soccer player goes undercover as a homeless man?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous soccer player, decided to spend a day as a homeless man in the streets of Madrid. It was supposed to be a prank. Though the disguised player displayed his talent and tried to be friendly with the people he encountered, most people just walked away and didn’t even bother to show a little kindness, except for one kid. But the minute the “homeless man” turned out to be the famous football star, all those people who first ignored him began desperately pushing each other to get his attention and take his pictures. It is sad but it is what it is.

Ronaldo might have done this prank just for fun, but the silly experiment exposes the sad reality that almost no one cares about you when it is perceived you have less to offer, but almost everyone wants a piece of you when success knocks your door.


Some interesting reactions to the video:

“Nobody hardly took notice of his skills with a ball, until they realized who he was!”

“Nobody wanted to know him when he was homeless but as soon as he’s Ronaldo everyone’s crowding around cause he’s famous. Narrow minded or what?”

“It’s really a shame no one noticed his skills when he was a homeless man.”

“Freaking human beings hypocrite as usual. [When Ronaldo] took off his mask, they started taking pictures. [The kid has taught these adults] a good lesson of kindness.”

“In life, do not look down on people. You never know what can happen. Respect people no matter what. That’s what life teaches you.”

“Well, this really shows how cruel the world we live in can be. Nobody cares about you until you are somebody. Kids will forever be innocent with their pure heart.”




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