Who is that girl?

Who is that girl
who walked into my heart
and left a huge dent?

Who is that girl?

Her lips taste like a dark chocolate fudge…
So delicate,
So sweet…

Her voice tender like a guitar note…

A free spirit
like that flamenco beat
inside my pulsing heart
night after night…

Brighter than moonshine,
and scentful like red roses…

How wonderful to see her swing like spring butterflies
as her playful eyes twinkle!

Who is that girl?

Standing far
from that closing door
of my heart…
A fading light
as her distant eyes tear
for unrequited love.

Who is that girl?

A wub akal.

An opera moment:

O, life…
Why are you
so sugar,
so torture,
and such a cliche?


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7 thoughts on “Who is that girl?

    1. Khushbu! 🙂 Of course, I remember you! long time indeed. How is everything? I hope you are doing fab! You’ve been missed. 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment! And am glad you enjoyed the piece. 🙂

      1. Everything is fine. I don’t know why i stopped blogging. but i missed u and all my blogger friends. your posts are as amazing as you are.

      2. Khushbu, I hope you start blogging slowly again. I know it can be time consuming if youve to be in school and all. But I miss your awesome posts. 🙂 So dont disappear okay. and how is your Amharic? 😀

  1. So sweet, so vivid, and so darn lovely. As much as I gain so much from your posts of current events and of Africa, this is what keeps me coming back again and again. ❤

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