The Drunkard And His Fed Up Body Organs

Once upon a time, there was a drunkard, a dysfunctional man. He was walking down an empty street, three in the morning.

His liver, tired of detoxifying, threatened the body that it would dismember itself, claiming it couldn’t tolerate the man’s dysfunctional lifestyle anymore. It questioned why it must suffer inside such a filthy man. It stated that it slaved more than the rest of the organs, especially the Appendix. “But,” it argued, “I never even get credit. All that I get as a reward is more toxin. Why is the mind always in control? Why is the heart always praised?”

Soon, one by one, other organs started questioning the same. They angrily complained how they were never seen as important. The kidneys, the intestines, the pancreas, the gallbladder, the skin, etc.

The skin, in particular, griped, “No one has faced what I have endured all this time. Tell me the last time I was complimented? This man has no respect for himself or me. In fact, he feels shame that his skin is dark. I have heard others curse him because of my color. And I have heard him curse himself. Do you know how long he has been wearing his filthy clothes and shoes? Yes, I have lived with all of that. So, no more, I say! Am done! Am going to peel myself off!”

“Amen!” said the eyes and the ears.

“We all are equally important and have valuable roles to play! Even the Appendix may be important though we may never know what it does. And we all are victims of this man, unfairly treated or overloaded. Let’s stand together and challenge him so we can live comfortably and he regains his health; or just shut it!” responded the lungs that had greatly suffered from the man’s cigarette addiction. The man had exhausted his lungs like a chimney.

The man’s body was in a total mess: The nerves broke down; the mind entered its own chaotic state; high blood pressure surged towards the heart.

The man lost his balance as he passed a neighborhood that seemed haunted. Stray dogs barked at him from distance.

Finally, the mind regained control of itself, and saw the internal chaos. “What the hell!?” It wanted to shout, but instead thought that it was better to play a calmer. So it called for a general meeting of all the organs, including the Appendix.

As the organs sat for the meeting, the man realized he was standing in front of his neighbor’s door. He quietly walked towards his own, hoping no one saw him. He knocked at his door, but he lived alone as his wife left him long time ago. He somehow couldn’t get over the knocking habit.

He fell on the floor, and slept there until a heavy headache awoke him late in the morning. He took a painkiller. But the organs had a better plan for him. He saw light in the internal tunnel of his bleak future.


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