My Future Ethiopia

Hello Friends,

Here is a guest post by Rediet Yibekal Wegayehu who currently is a candidate of Masters in Global Studies at University of Gotenburg, Sweden. Enjoy! 🙂 


My future Ethiopia

By Rediet Yibekal Wegayehu

Growing up in a family where I used to cherish my great grandparents, I have always been keen to help others. I know the feeling to help and get a smile on the other person’s face. But what about those who don’t know much about life, its good and bad trait of this world, yes I am talking about children. Children who are innocent, who give you that unforgettable look when you seriously look at them, children longing for love and care from everyone around. Yes, no more I wish to see any child deprived from his/her basic need. This wish of mine, with a strong passion to help others, is nothing, however, unless I decide to do something about it today.

I have so little to share now but that won’t stop me to give back to my community. It is a pledge I take this moment to do one thing at a time to help disadvantaged children in Ethiopia.

I have always planned to work in non-profit sector where I can support people who are older, youth who don’t have a place to shelter, and orphans who need care and protection. This plan will eventually happen as long as I live, no matter the challenge I may face, no matter how big and small it may be, I will always keep this plan.

That has inspired me to think of a future project, which still remains very much real, and tomorrow and the years to come, I will realize it.

You can also do your part. Start today sharing my dream of Ethiopia, and of the world, where children will have a bright future.

What is life if one can’t share
Where is happiness in seeing kids suffer
Wondering around on the street
Witnessing the sad life of the neediest
His and her eyes telling a story
Humanity’s failed glory
How can one avoid, but mend this
How many should sacrifice
Young compassionates come together
You and I are the ones for our future
Your contribution be it paltry or weighty
You can do this starting today with no pity!

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