Aeronautical Engineer – A Poem

Hello Friends: Here is a fun poem in both English and Swahili by N’gang’a wa Muchiri, a Kenyan writer and blogger. Enjoy! 🙂  


1.      Aeronautical Engineer

Our daughter,

Miss. Engineer,

We hear from you but never see you, what is this job you do that never ends,

Tell us of this bee-hive where you forever slave to make sweet francs,

You do not forget us,

Yet you do not come to see us

Old age has come knocking and still we wait for your strong youthful arms to lead us; your offspring to make us laugh

Did you not hear we were sick? Yet you never came

Your whispered encouragements kwa simu assuaged the pain, a little,

We saw the doctor and she recommended your warm touch, with three servings of your smile per day, preferably taken during meals.

But don’t let the Daktari’s advice worry you; we are still strong, and in you

We have hope,

We wish you well


Bi. Mhandisi,

‘Twakuskia lakini hatukuoni; ‘wafanya kazi gani hii isiyoisha,

Tweleze kuhusu hizi dola, tamu kama asali usokwisha kuwinda


Lakini hututembelei

Uzee umetukumba na twaingoja mikono yako ituongoze – wajukuu watu’cheshe

Hukuskia tulingonjeka? Lakini hukuja

Maneno yako ya pole on the phone yalituliza kidogo

Tulimwona Doctor na akatuagiza mapenzi ya mwana,

Na angalau tabasamu tatu kwa siku, ikiwezekana wakati wa chakula

Lakini usitishie shaka, bado tu’wenye nguvu

Kila la kheri!


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