Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Hello Friends:

Here is a second guestpost on Ramadan—this time by Alia Sultan, a blogger and law student from Saudi Arabia. I am a big fan of Alia’s beautiful writing, which follows footsteps of Khalil Gibran and/or One Thousand and One Nights. When you get a chance, please visit her lovely blog. For now, enjoy her Ramadan entry! πŸ™‚



By Alia Sultan

It arrived, announced beforehand but pleasantly surprising. They turned on their houses’ lights and lit their hearts’ lanterns.

I was watching them from distance, with a smile I couldn’t quiet hide. They all paused what troubled them, because they knew the sun rays would be brighter that month. It is all about family gatherings, and of course, adding on a few pounds as it is known that food finds a way to be more delicious that month!

Despite social gatherings and busy lives after sunset, I impatiently wait for midnight. It is only then do I hear the silent voice of mine and the mystical peace that commands the night to be serene. I rest in my room, in solitude, knowing that almost everyone in the city is awake for the midnight prayer. I know for sure that they are all praying for their deepest wishes to be answered. It is only after midnight, do I contemplate through all that is told and all that hasn’t been told. I think about the sacredness of life and thank God for having the ability to thank him. Yes, I wait for midnight, because the serenity of it gives my heart the voice to speak so loud that it reaches the seventh sky.

I am not ready for the next month- we are all not ready yet, because in the deepest bottom of everyone’s heart, they believe that there were minutes wasted, and prayers unfulfilled. I will take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, until next year, we meet again.

(To learn more about Ramadan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramadan)


One thought on “Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

  1. Ramadan is almost over and once again it has been a good month of social gatherings and spirituality. We come together as a family during Ramadan more than any other time of the year and our hearts grow closer to Allah during this month.
    Wish everyone a very happy Eid πŸ™‚

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