Childhood Song – Part II (ኧረ አምሳለ … ኧረ አምሳለ)

Here is another childhood memory. These days my mind has been busy traveling back in time. I wonder why. I guess subconsciously I miss my childhood. I wish that innocence would stay forever. As we grow older we tend to hold onto our childhood memories to inspire us and to battle adulthood boredom. I guess we also go back to those memories to reclaim the lost innocence. But like Benjamin Button, the fictional character, as we age we become kids again—kids with a mature brain, full of wisdom and experiences. I always find it funny that we start out with no teeth and if we live long enough we die the same way, with no teeth and cute face.

This song is as weird as yesterday’s one. 😆 It is such a sad song about a destitute woman called Amsale. But we had so much fun with it as kids.

Here is a short summary: Amsale’s friend asks: Hey Amsale, how is it going? Amsale responds: not very good; I am facing hardship; I am in despair. The friend asks: how come? Why are you in despair? You are eating sugarcane, aren’t you? Amsale: I have no sugarcane; I have nothing; I am poor. The Friend: So how do you survive? How do you manage to go to sleep hungry? Amsale: If I get food, I eat; if I don’t get food, I just bear the hunger. The Friend: Oh, am so sorry, that just breaks my heart. …

And then the fun part comes, the ending of the song, which has nothing to do with Amsale. 😆 Basically a totally random insertion. That is how you know it’s indeed a kids’ song. The ending goes like this: Eshkoko Eshkoko (an onomatopoeia, which describes the action of carrying a child on adult’s shoulders) Lij Felega Metanko Zare Bemaleda (We have come this morning in search of a child) … Manin Tifeligalachu Zare Bemaleda (Who are you looking for this morning?) … Entinan Enfeligalen Zare Bemaleda (We want child X this morning) … Eswan/Esun Meto Yemiwesdat/dew Man Gobez Alena (Who is the bravest who is gonna come and take her or him?) … Ene Ene Ene (Me Me Me Me …)  … And that is the end of the song. 😀

Just imagine kids aged five, six, seven, up until ten years old singing that! No wonder why Jesus taught us to be like kids. They have a gift to turn the serious matter into fun.

Most of the childhood songs that I remember are the ones that girls used to sing. Boys are really boring when it comes to creating such cool songs. We usually spend our days fighting, playing soccer, or participating in other physical games as opposed to the whole Kumbaya stuff that the girls do. 😀

Here is the original version:

ኧረ አምሳለ ኧረ አምሳለ
ኧረ ወይ ኧረ ወይ
አለሽ ወይ አለሽ ወይ
አለሁ በመከራ እንባዬን ስዘራ
ለምን ትዘሪያለሽ አገዳ እየበላሽ
አገዳም የለኝ ምስኪን ደሃ ነኝ
ምስኪን ደሃ ሆነሽ ምን በልተሽ ታድሪያለሽ
ባገኝም በልቼ ባጣም ተደፍቼ
ይድፋኝ ይደፋፋኝ ጦም ማደረሽ ከፋኝ

እሽኮኮ እሽኮኮ
ልጅ ፈለጋ መጣንኮ
ዛሬ በማለዳ
ማንን ትፈልጋላቹ
ዛሬ በማለዳ
እንትናን እንፈልጋለን
ዛሬ በማለዳ
እሷን መጥቶ የሚወስዳት
ማን ጎበዝ አለና

እኔ እኔ እኔ እኔ …

What are your favorite childhood songs? Can you sing them now? 🙂


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