Childhood Song (እቴሜቴ የሎሚ ሽታ)

Childhood songs are quirky, funny and very imaginative. Sometimes you wonder how they were invented, and who invented them. I am always fascinated by the content of such songs. They are just weird when you think about them as a grown up. You ask yourself: Did I really sing this? And of course you did. What is interesting is that the gory nature of some of the songs doesn’t stop a child from singing them. It must be true when they say that as kids our brain processes information very differently. Remember how you used to love reading or listening to stories about monsters even if they were scary? 😀

Anyway, I decided to write this because for some reason I thought of the following childhood song earlier. So random. The funny part is that this is a girls’ song, not of boys’. I remember in elementary school the girls would sit in circle and sing it out loud. And the boys, including yours truly, would then interrupt the “poor” girls on purpose, just to piss them off. We were such terrible little rascals. 😆

Now, when I think of this song, I wonder how in the hell the little girls came up with it. It contains such a serious message that only adults can understand but then spiced up with unexpected twist! 😀 I tell you, kids have a wild imagination and only them can take a serious issue and create fun out of it.

Here is a short summary: There is a girl/lady called Etemete. The song starts with a conversation between Etemete and her friend. Etemete’s friend: Hey Etemete, thy fragrance like lemon, what did the man from last night say to you? Etemete: Oh, he said nothing, but that he would divorce his wife to take me away. Friend: He wouldn’t do that! He must have vowed lowering his Gasha and Thor (shield and spear). 😀

… And then randomness takes over as the song comes to an end: Kebete Belaya Kura Sefro (A raven nested on top of my roof) … Yelechim Bilo Hedo Bero (Flew away thinking that I wasn’t home) … Enen Yabiregn Yakinfegn (Oh, poor raven! I feel bad it flew away) … Yezihon Hamot Yastetagn (May I be cursed to drink Elephant’s bile) … YeZihon Hamot Merara Naw (Elephant’s bile is bitter!) … YeGobez Libu Terara Naw (A brave man’s heart is as big as a mountain) … Terara Heje Simeles (When I came back after a mountain trekking) … Ahiya Muto Jib Siyaleqs (I saw a hyena crying for a dead donkey) … Kuncha Kuma Sitqeds (I saw a flea standing there and praying) … Ebab Angetun Sineqs (I saw too a snake getting tattooed its neck)  … Yetaredew Hamsa Doro (50 chickens were slaughtered) .. Yeqerechiw Andit Doro (One chicken survived) … Anduwam Doro WedeGuwaro (And ran away to the backyard!) …

Now, isn’t that something?! 😆

Here is the original version:

እቴሜቴ የሎሚ ሽታ
ያ ሰውዬ ምን አለሽ ማታ
ምንም ምንም ምንም አላለኝ
ትዳሩን ፈቶ ልውሰድሽ አለኝ
አይወስድሽም ትዳሩን ፈቶ
ምሎልሻል ጋሻ ጦር ደፍቶ

ከቤቴ በላይ ቁራ ሰፍሮ
ቁራ ሰፍሮ
የለችም ብሎ ሄዶ በሮ
ሄዶ በሮ
እኔን ያብረኝ ያክንፈኝ
የዝሆን ሃሞት ያስጠጣኝ
የዝሆን ሃሞት መራራ ነው
መራራ ነው
የጎበዝ ልቡ ተራራ ነው
ተራራ ነው
ተራራ ሄጄ ስመለስ
አህያ ሙቶ ጅብ ሲያለቅስ
ጅብ ሲያለቅስ
ቁንጫ ቁማ ስትቀድስ
እባብ አንገቱን ሲነቀስ

የታረደው ሃምሳ ዶሮ
የቀረችው አንዲት ዶሮ

አንዷም ዶሮ
ወደ ጓሮ …


Found it on YouTube! This one has few more details than what we used to sing, and it misses some … 🙂


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