I bleach my t-shirts
of stains.
But why do you bleach
your skin, dear?
I see no stain.
I see none! I see none!

I only see you,Β chocolate—
your natural charm.
But why destroy that
with a man-made cream?

Who made you feel inadequate?
Who made you lose self-respect?
Or is it a personal choice, an experiment?

Who said you look bad?
Was it your boyfriend,
your girlfriend,
or your husband?

Or was it the world:
The celebrities, the magazines,
the Internet and TV Ads
that constantly preach:
The fairer,
the prettier?
Is that why you still bleach?

Is that why you still buy:
“Fair & Lovely?”
Is that why you feel sorry?

Don’t you know, my dear,
you have only fallen prey to capitalism
that rides a horse on your low self-esteem?

My dear:
You can put on makeup
You can wear lipstick
You can follow fashion
Whatever your passion
But loathe not your life
Bleach not yourself!

Break the chain, dear!
Be happy with who you are!

And tell those men or the market
that put pressure on you:
Get lost, get lost, get lost
if you cannot accept my natural light!



7 thoughts on “Bleaching

  1. This post must be put up on all the signboards all over the world.

    I am happy the way I am and stuff those who think less of me based on my colour – they see not the colour of my heart.

  2. They make us believe ‘the fairer the prettier’ and many of us fall prey to their claim that fair complexion is the key to happiness and success (still why so many are not happy, I wonder). The beauty pageants are all about selling the cosmetics.

    Yet another wonderful creation, Elyas.

    1. Thank you Bindu! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree more with you about the beauty pageants; indeed, it’s just another method of marketing products and perpetuating the biased belief about beauty; it’s far from empowering women.

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