She taught I was a potato
But I turned out to be a tomato
I thought she was a popcorn
But she turned out to be a watermelon
We made a lot of assumptions about each other
And it turned out we had a lot to discover
Oh, well …


ድንች ነው ስትል
ቲማቲም ሆንኩባት
ፈንዲሻ ነች ስል
ለካስ ሐብሐብ ናት

እንደው በይሆናል
እኛ ተጋመትን
እያደርን ስንውል
ብዙ የማናውቀው
እንዳለ ተረዳን …


4 thoughts on “Assumption

    1. Thank you Bindu! 🙂 You are right, often we fail to accept others as they are; instead, we try to make them the ideal person we create in our head, which obviously results in either misunderstanding or disappointment since they can’t be what we perceive them to be—they can only be themselves with all their imperfections or individuality. 🙂

  1. That is one reason why many of the love marriages fail. The couples idealize and idolize each other in the initial stages, but when it comes to the practical lifes the masks are removed.

    1. That’s true. If there is such thing as true love, it must be one that can stand any real life challenges in both good and bad times; the rest of the idealization/idolization is nothing but infatuation that withers in time.

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