Not meant to be?

How we went wrong
after our days of spring:

I saw you
You saw me
I saw us
You saw mess
We split hairs.

You saw me
I saw you
You saw us
I saw mess
We split hairs.

And then we became history,
a painful memory.

Perhaps, we weren’t meant to be
though we thought we were.

How else could we explain
why we turned love into pain,

our disharmony,
the faded chemistry,

even our lack of success
to remain friends?



19 thoughts on “Not meant to be?

  1. aaaww! You’re heart broken 😦

    I really like the way you’ve played with the arrangement of the stanzas, It’s appealing.

    I think it was never meant to be, cuz you’ll find someone better 😉

  2. “…even our lack of success to remain friends?” Remaining friends is always hard, rarely happens never a good idea…they say in breakups the one with the sweetest words is the one who loved less…matters of the heart..very complicated…

    Loved the poem, I like how the arrangement of your words play with the eyes. Your new theme I love 😉

  3. nobody can beat your poetry 😀

    no matter how sad it ends
    your words are always fun to read
    it pulls the strings on the right place with the right force 😆

    love always tend to turn into pain. ask anyone … 🙂
    that’s why I go for a compromise 😉

    1. Haha … that first line is quite an ego booster! 😀

      Thanks mon amie. 🙂

      I don’t understand how love can turn into pain; perhaps it must not have been love to begin with, maybe something that appeared to look like it. 😆

  4. “Turned love into pain”,.that’s sad. But such an awesome poem, as always, Elyas.
    You have a “way with words”! I really like the “design” of the piece. The way the stanzas are placed. Cool!

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