A Wonderful Sin

I kissed a flower;
what a sweet pleasure!
I kissed her more and more;
her lips my treasure!
My heart was galloping,
springing, springing
into the open field
where love was consumed.
I saw her smile;
I saw her twinkle
like a black star
that absorbs a fear.
Oh, my sweet jasmine;
what a wonderful sin!


ሳምኩኝ ውብ አበባ
ዓይናሚት ቀዘባ
ሳምኳት ገማመጥኳት
ሳምኳት ሞጨሞጭኳት
ጥፍጥናዋን መቅመስ
አቤት ልብ ሲያምስ

ልቤ ኮበለለ
ጋለበ ዘለለ
ወደ ፍቅር ሜዳ
ከውብ ጽጌረዳ

የፊቷ ፈገግታ
ያይኖቿ ቦግታ
ልክ እንደ ከዋክብት
ደስ የምትል ፍንጥቅት
ምስል የነፃነት

ሳምኳት ሳምኳት ሳምኳት
የምትጣፍጥ ኃጥያት


12 thoughts on “A Wonderful Sin

  1. Lovely poem…well crafted. I stopped by to pass along the Readership Appreciation Award on my latest post. Save and enjoy. Thank you for so many good posts.

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