Prisoners of Conscience

There are many political and social activists who are silenced systemically or who languish in various infamous prisons, gulags and underground torture chambers around the world, in both developed and developing countries. For majority of them, their only crime is daring to expose injustice, to tell the truth, to stand up for what they believe, to challenge corrupt and undemocratic authorities, and to demand freedom for all people.

Today’s Ethiopia, for example, like the Ethiopia in the past, has an uneasy relationship with individuals that resist repression of any kind. Among the many victims of repression that suffer in notorious Ethiopian prisons on trumped-up charges, these two bold journalists stand out:

Reeyot Alemu:

Eskinder Nega:

Freedom is partial to no race. Freedom has no religion. Freedom favors no ethnicity. Freedom discriminates not between rich and poor countries. Inevitably freedom will overwhelm Ethiopia. —Eskinder Nega


4 thoughts on “Prisoners of Conscience

  1. this is so sad.. especially to think that it’s 2012 and so much has happened, Yet humans still never learn from history. people’s insights and ideas should be heard and not let them rot in prison.

    1. “People’s insights and ideas should be heard and not let them rot in prison.” Well said! I couldn’t agree more! It’s indeed sad when you think about it. What a terrible thing to waste great ideas.

      1. U r welcome. 🙂 We all feel helpless in the face of such adversity, but just like the good, the evil will pass too. 🙂 So in the end, we all end up in the same bottomless pit.

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