Sweet and Sour Dream

As I sleep, I see
a night full of bright stars,
a mesmerizing constellation,
a sky full of euphoric eruption;
and I hear a heavely roar
followed by a thunder,
a lightning bolt, a soft
or a rough rain falling,

f a l l i n g,

slapping the tin roofs,
or penetrating the straw huts.

I walk on dried leaves, termites, wild rats,
and I escape from hyenas.

A creepy scene: Snakes … Frogs … Water Lilies.

Village nights.
Arachnids. Insects.
Or lovely girls.

Rooster calls. Dogs bark.


Some women in black.
They beautifully talk as they elegantly walk.


Small town. Azan. Church bells.

Or strobe lights, bling blings,
Western spirits, cigarette butts,
Sagging pants and miniskirts.


Loose boys, loose girls,
And chicken fights.
Laughter of bar ladies.

Poor waitress cries.

Or simply a silence.

No starving images, or darkness
as one probably expects.

But an enjoyable journey to the universe
with mom’s favorite: That Beautiful Lady, Our Adbar;
or with dad’s Eureka! moment: An Endless River

Of Light.

Back to planet earth, to sweetheart.

Or no dream at all. Thanks sour throat!


2 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Dream

  1. What a wonderfully kaleidoscopic dream … it’s like watching a movie in fast-forward mode
    nightmarish heynas and graceful ladies with beautiful talk and elegant walk πŸ™‚

    glad that there is light at the end of it all …

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