Haiku? (Soft Music)

Spring’s fresh wind
Brushes my eyelashes
Soft music



4 thoughts on “Haiku? (Soft Music)

    1. iLike the additional touch! 😀 It rhymes nicely! 🙂 Unfortunately, the only problem is that the Haiku sequence will fall apart if I use your lovely version. 😀 From 3-6-3, it will change to 3-6-6. 😉 Regardless, I like your addition. 😀 Thank you mon amie!

      1. Amira 😆 … that’s quite a standpoint you’ve got there. Oh well, who cares about rules right? 😀

        But Haiku is one little sweet thing, don’t give it up just like that. 😀 Based on the little I know, the normal Haiku sequence in Japanese must have three (5 syllables – 7 syllables – 5 syllables) lines. It’s a fun challenge. Here is a nice intro to it: http://poetry.about.com/od/poeticforms/g/haiku.htm … and this for more details: http://www.toyomasu.com/haiku/ … 🙂 And the equivalent of the Japanese 5-7-5 structure often is 3-6-3 in English. I am not an expert, just learning about it myself.

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