Follow Your Dreams

Little flowers,
girls or boys,
either from the slums
or the palace,
always follow your dreams.
Little flowers,
blossom, smile, hope,
feel awesome, never stop.
I know you can!
Yes you can!
Little flowers,
tomorrow’s fruits,
enjoy your life,
have fun!


After watching this lovely video:


Kibera is one of the most studied slums in Africa, not only because it sits in the centre of the modern city [Nairobi, Kenya], but also because UN-HABITAT, the United Nations‘ agency for human settlements, is headquartered close by. Ban Ki-moon visited the settlement within a month of his selection as UN secretary-general.

Kibera, as one of the most pronounced slums within Kenya, is undergoing an intensive slum upgrading process. The government, UN-HABITAT and a contingent of NGOs, notably Maji na Ufanisi, are making inroads into the settlements in an attempt to facelift the housing and sanitary conditions.

—more @Wiki


6 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams

  1. What a lovely video, am always inspired by the innocence that kids have. Such happy souls.

    The way I see it, Kibera has a long way to go. But at least there are some changes being done here and there. The dynamics around it are so many. I think it’s actually the biggest slum in Africa.

    1. Thank you Veeh! 🙂 Those kids are so adorable! I really enjoyed the video.

      I have heard a lot about Kibera. It’s quite interesting to see that in the middle of it a lot of amazing things happen.

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