Young and Green,
Little Green. 
She would clean
her soft skin.
She would shower
with warm water.
She would paint
her toenail.
She would sail
into her closet
to choose the best
dress to wear.
And out she runs
to meet his lips
by the water,
using the reeds
as curtains.
Such a madness!
What was she thinking?!
But she was young
and madly in love!
A young dove,
a Red fire,
a laborer,
a lavender
who went after
the forbidden,
and who became
a mad Green,
Little Green.


Another Red Azalea inspired piece. Little Green, a teenage girl during the Cultural Revolution era in China, was one of the thousands of students dispatched to rural labor camps where they were strictly forbidden to engage in any kind of romantic or sexual affair, among other restrictions. If caught doing “a forbidden act,” the punishments were severe, including execution.



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