Update: Ethiopian Woman Beaten on Camera “Kills Herself”

I don’t know how to express my sadness; this is heartbreaking! They killed her, they killed this poor woman who just wanted to have a better life for herself and her family, and they say she killed herself! They are her killers: the abusers, the Lebanese government that has yet to implement a law that protects the rights of foreign workers, and the Ethiopian government that does almost nothing to protect Ethiopian citizens–she was beaten in front of the Ethiopian consulate, how worse can it get?! Indifference and silence cannot be the answers.

Welcome Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee NYC

Members of ESAC are shocked and devastated by this sad news!!! As our chairwoman Ms. Zewditu has urged, all concerned individuals (Ethiopians and non Ethiopians) who live around NYC and beyond please join us to fight this fight against the abuse of domestic workers in the Middle East. It is inhuman to savagely abuse domestic workers and it must be stopped. May Alem Dechassa rest in peace!!!

Tadias Magazine
News Update

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New York (TADIAS) – The Ethiopian domestic worker that was violently mistreated outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut, as shown in a viral video last weekend, has committed suicide, Ethiopia’s Consul General confirmed to local media in Lebanon.

Alem Dechasa, 33, hanged herself using her bed sheets Wednesday morning, the Daily Star newspaper reported.

“My body is shaking and my heart is broken” said Ms. Zewditu Fessehaa, Chairwoman of the Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee in…

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7 thoughts on “Update: Ethiopian Woman Beaten on Camera “Kills Herself”

  1. I can’t stop thinking about this woman. How I feel so bad for her family. But I do hope the Ethiopian and Lebanese government would see this as a wake up call. So many of our sisters and mothers are dying over there.

    1. Me, too, Zebiba! Her cry for help is stuck in my mind! Her family members are going to be shattered. And I do hope too that everyone takes this as a wake up call. But unfortunately this may soon be forgotten if there is no mechanism to put pressure!

  2. I am out of my mind with sadness. This is just the most devastating news.
    Silence is not the answer….although I’m so choked up I can’t get any words out.

    I reblogged this on my site….how can I get the ESAC logo on my blog?

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