Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are beautiful
even after they fall.
They beautify the fields
with their lovely colors.
They open the door
to let in winter.
With their fall,
they foreshadow snowfall
and how the spring will roll
to hear summer’s call;
they foreshadow our fall.
I miss
autumn leaves.


Dedicated to Autumn Leaves, a teacher mentioned in Anchee Min’s memoir, Red Azalea, a book I am currently reading. It’s beautifully written, I recommend it to anyone interested. And the sad story of Autumn Leaves really touched me, and that’s why I felt like scribbling the piece above.



8 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. I’m glad it’s about a book. I thought you were dreaming about Fall retruning. I am enjoying Spring tto much to think about Fall. I will have to get the book and read it. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Namaste …

  2. Sweet memory-inducing poem….how influential those fall leaves are! My favorite season. The vibrant colors, the scents, the change in the air make for the most pleasant time of year. Not only is it a change within nature, but it’s a transition time for us all.

  3. Autumn is a season that evokes mixed feelings in us. Each one may interpret it in their own way. And I liked the way you have perceived it. πŸ™‚

    [And btw thanks for visiting my photoblog. My primary blog is still there in the old form :). Just for ur information]

  4. I miss autumn leaves.
    The few years of experience I had with autumn left me admiring it in awe.
    The autumn leaves are just so beautiful. It talks to me about God!
    I could not help myself stop and admire autumn kissed trees
    with their yellow, brown and orange leaves.
    As autumn rolls out, it leaves all the colourful leaves to turn brown in magesty;
    kissing the mother tree and its roots and it’s nurturer, the glorious ground!

    now i’m missing my home away from home πŸ™‚

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