Please pass this information to as many people as you can, including to media organizations and to human rights groups! This is really horrible! I am completely distraught! What’s wrong with these men?! They kidnap, they rape, they abuse these poor women as if they are not human beings! And they videotape themselves as if what they have done is heroic! This is sickness, inhuman! What a shame!!!

Welcome Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee NYC

This is the realty for most foreign domestic workers, either in Lebanon or in the Middle East in general—Lebanon and Kuwait seem the worst of all the places for abuse. The video was recorded recently in broad daylight, and as you can see, no one intervened to help the girl, to stop the kidnapping.

Please help this woman in any way you can! Please pass this information to any media or human rights groups.

This detail is posted on YouTube:

Name of the car owner: Mahmoud Zhairani Phone number: 00961-3 655738 Location: Lebanon Car plate number: 295659 Q Colour: Dark Blue

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  1. That really is horrible.
    That makes the political fiasco here nothing… our tragedies look so mundane in the face of cruely like that happening elsewhere.

  2. Thank you Judy, Amira, and eve626 for your concern! The case has finally gotten media attention and the Lebanese government is now aware of it. The man who abused the woman has been exposed and is now under investigation. And hopefully all the other cowards who were with him, abusing the helpless woman, will also be brought to face the law, if there is any law over there!

    1. Muslim domestic workers are also victims of such abuses… to me, this is not a Muslim vs non-Muslim case, this has a lot to do with ignorance of individuals and their lack of compassion for a fellow human being. It does not matter whether the abusers are Arabs or not; domestic workers are also abused in other societies, though it may not be as dehumanizing as what happens in the Middle East.

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