In Support of Foreign Domestic Workers in the Middle East

Dear readers and fellow bloggers,

I recently posted an article/poem that focused on Foreign Domestic Workers in the Middle East titled Defenseless, hoping to raise awareness. The response was overwhelming. Many readers were touched by the story. And now I bring you the opportunity to get involved in tackling this issue:

In keeping with the theme for Women’s History Month 2012, “Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment”, the Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee (ESAC) is launching an initiative to build a task force in New York City that advocates for foreign domestic workers in the Middle East. Join us at this inaugural event, where we will host speakers from various organizations, including the International Ethiopian Women Organization, Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance, and Resources for the Enrichment of African Lives. These speakers will discuss the issues surrounding domestic workers in the Middle East.

You can sign up here for the event, and visit our Facebook page for more information.    

The Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee is a 501 (c) nonprofit organization. Its primary objectives are advocating for and raising awareness about youth and women’s rights, health, education and culture. 

Please share the information with others who may want to attend the event.

We welcome any person interested in becoming our member. Even if we are based in NYC, your location won’t matter. Today many amazing projects are accomplished virtually in many different ways. Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way. Some of my fav bloggers have already signed up! 😉 So why not you be the next one in the list?! 🙂 We are just getting started, and we are off to a great start, and this is the best time to join us. Young, baby organization, but we are determined to make it vibrant. 🙂

Membership fee is just $1 per month, i.e., $12 per year (and we will make an exception if you can’t pay). All current members are volunteers. We have great plans. In God’s will, and with your support, we will achieve them, Insha’Allah!




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