It may not be right but you will be okay

Sometimes life may not be fair
You may be washed up on a shore
Or you may stumble into a ditch
You may itch and scratch
You may sleep on a couch
Happiness may seem too far to reach
The world may be very cruel
It may label you untouchable
You may live as a recluse
You may lose all your friends
You may fall from grace
You may not have self confidence
You may have the lowest social status
You may be forgotten by others
You may be used and thrown
You may lack skill or talent to shine
You may not have support or access
You may roll a stone like Sisyphus
You may just live on minimum wage
You may quit from a ten year marriage
You may never become successful
You may be a tasteless fool
You may have screwed your credit card
You may walk into a scary world
You may be hurt by him or her
You may disappoint your lover
You may feel an outsider
You may fail meeting expectations
You may suffer satisfying others
You may never live your dream
You may only see a shallow stream
You may feel alone and sad
You may not love or be loved
You may not have anything to say
It may not be right but you will be okay
Life goes on anyway
And you can rise like the phoenix
You can break the jinx



4 thoughts on “It may not be right but you will be okay

  1. What a poem! It’s like the “Little Train that Could”….if you try, you can change things and make your life better.

    I love patterns.
    In your poem I particularly like this pattern:
    You may suffer…
    You may fail….
    You may quit…
    You can~

    It’s HOPE, it’s perseverance, it’s believing in yourself. It’s changing the pattern of “You may fail”….into “You Can”.

    Excellent, Elyas!

  2. wow… Elyas… this post is uplifting me… i was feeling little down for not being posting and i was not able to check my dear boggers blog…. thanks Elyas … hope you are doing fab …!!

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