Yellow Cab Accident

This morning a poor lady got hit by a speeding taxi,
just as she was about to cross the zebra lines.
She fell on the ground, unconscious.
People ran to check on her,
and to snap the license plate number.
A samaritan woman tried a CPR,
while others called nine-one-one.
The driver stayed at the scene.
Soon came an ambulance,
and four or five police cars.
The driver stood there confused,
or totally shocked.
It was his fault;
he had a red light.
She was rushed to a hospital.
I hope she is now stable.
Oh, Yellow Cabs, why speed like hell?!
Before I witnessed the accident,
I was contemplating about my fate.
And when I saw what happened
as the poor lady hit the ground,
experience taught me once again
that I could easily be gone,
soon to be forgotten!
So I told myself,
or told my life:
Screw your courage to the sticking place,*
and cherish your temporary existence!


*A favorite line of one of the characters in Cutting For Stone—a line borrowed from Macbeth; it has also become my favorite.


13 thoughts on “Yellow Cab Accident

  1. this happened? that’s horrible! 😦 any news about the lady? just when you thought your just heading out for a normal day, suddenly an accident happens! knock on wood though! It must have been horrible witnessing this, i can’t even imagine.. this sucks..nice piece though..

    1. Yes it did .. I just hope and pray that she is fine. These taxi guys drive like crazy! … Last time I witnessed two taxis crashing. Chasing after money, they forget that they are carrying lives and that there are lives in the streets. It’s terrible!

      Thank you for commenting!

      1. this reminds me of what I seen in the news but not taxis in my country, its buses! i saw a clip where a guy was sandwiched dead by two buses trying to race for passengers! anyway you are welcome.. be safe!

      2. A guy who was also at the scene told me that a year ago he heard about a bus knocking down a bicycle guy, and dragging him almost 3 blocks after that. The driver of the bust apparently didn’t see what had happened until people were screaming from every direction. … ugr … I don’t even want to think about it. You too be safe!

  2. So sad … I’ve experienced panic when trying to cross a busy Manhattan street many times. It is awful how poorly they drive.It’s a problem that need major correction. I pryay this poor lady is okay. I’m sure her last intention as she left her home was to be in a hospital.
    Careful crossing – Please ….!!!!

    1. Thanks Isadora! Yes, it’s sad indeed. No one leaves home anticipating the worst. And sometimes terrible incidents happen even when you are so cautious. It’s just too bad. Yes, there has to be major correction, especially the govt should control the crazy taxis that roam the city. I dont understand why they let them loose. I often look twice in both directions before I cross. But sometimes you know, how careful you are can be pointless when you suddenly get hit by a reckless driver!

  3. this sure is a temporary existence. never know when we will be taken off of this lovely crazy world

    so sorry to hear what happened to the old lady. if only everyone obeys rules. rules are in place to put some order to our chaotic existence. all of us need to follow it.
    i sometimes speed and it gives me a thrill. i go beyond the speed limit sometimes. but i try to make sure i break these only when i see a clear road ahead of me. but i guess that’s not a good enough reasoning… your post is a reminder for me to be more law abiding 🙂

    but honest to god, i’m among the few people in maldives who stops at pedestrian crossing to let pedestrians cross the road in peace. For some reason, nobody in vehicles seem to see the yellow lines. the law says we have to stop and give way to those on foot. and yet, it never happens! here in the Male’ city traffic is crazy …

    1. Thank you mon amie! Yes, our existence is deceiving like a mirage in the desert, it is there but it is not there; or like a morning dew, you see it in the morning, come afternoon it’s gone. But we live as if we are immortals. We only wake up and remember the existence of death when we see death. We spend our days under the illusion that we can live forever. Sometimes it takes accidents like this to wake us up, unfortunately.

      Am glad to know you are a safe driver! … But sometimes even if you are a safe driver someone could make a stupid mistake, someone either another driver or a careless pedestrian. Just pray when you hit the road that nothing horrible happens because life is unpredictable.

  4. Oh no….that is so scary. I do hope she is okay. I don’t have to deal with speeding taxis here…but I’ve ridden in them in major cities and I’m not calm when riding in them either.
    Do be careful Elyas….as we say to kids…even if the light is green for you…look both ways. 😉

    Love the line from Macbeth….

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