I feel …

I feel agitated,
I feel a rageful dismay,
but I can’t explain why.
I feel nauseated,
I feel restless like a pregnant sky,
but I still can’t explain why.
Maybe because I want to devour you,
my unreachable passion fruit.


Here is my favorite ballad from Aster Aweke, Ethiopia’s Queen of Pop, sometimes referred to as Ethiopia’s Aretha Franklin🙂


14 thoughts on “I feel …

    1. You never know mon amie, it may have to do with what I’ve already eaten 😀

      Most likely something I want to eat 😆

      Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the added background music 😉 I couldn’t find it earlier.

    2. the music is nice … it speaks to the soul…
      it talks to me of a pregnant sky
      ready to pour down rain in the form of agitated cries and feelings …
      and overpowering emotions

      1. Kelibe debiqe enes yizhehalehu,
        Ante yene endehonk endet biye awqalehu?

        I have you hidden in my heart,
        but how will I know you will be mine?”

        … that is the chorus of the song. 🙂 Aster is the mother of many such soulful songs. 🙂 And I remember growing up, both guys and girls, who were older than me, were crazy about her, and my pre-teen mind couldn’t understand at all what the fuss was all about! 😆 And there came my turn when I entered the teen zone! 😀 Then I figured it out! I too became a new addict, a new recruit to the romance camp… 😆

  1. The “passion fruit” analogy…I loved it so much.
    The “pregnant” sky”…a sky filled with clouds that are so bloated but just won’t rain? I feel the strain. These words are so tense and filled with so much emotion…

  2. It must be hormones. My point: agitated, rageful, nauseated, restless like a pregnant sky….
    Ah…I’m just joking.

    Another love poem, aching for the one who can’t be.
    Once again, you pull me in with your words….

  3. Great capture of a feeling, and excellent word use to do it. Enjoyed the music clip as well, thanks for the introduction to a unique voice.

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