Sometimes dreams are pink
Sometimes they are shadowed by pitch black
Sometimes you devour them with knife and fork
Sometimes you sacrifice them for someone you like
who may sacrifice you for some other freak

Sometimes dreams are alluring
Sometimes they are frightening
Sometimes you make them come true
Sometimes you bury them in you

Oh dreams
Hopeful rhymes or hopeless streams
of consciousness



18 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Oh dreams
    Hopeful rhymes or hopeless streams
    of consciousness

    Good thought-provoking poetry, Elyas!
    Your words always hang around me, prodding me to think, think, think, long after I’ve closed down the computer.
    And that’s a good thing, as Martha would say!
    Beautiful Chinese music. I think I want to live in that video. A very peaceful place~and just throw petals all day. 😉

    1. Thank you Judy! 🙂 How kind of you for showering me with such blissful compliments! Yea the Chinese song is very beautiful, and the video too, both have the background effect I so wanted for the poem. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wake up from a wonderful dream. Then I will myself to go back to sleep. Then I realize it’s impossible to continue a dream. Then I wish, if only I was awake when dreaming. Won’t that be wonderful?

    1. Thank you Veeh! 🙂 haha that happens to me too. So what I usually do when that happens is that I just assume that it was just an illusion, not an actual dream. But I so try to go back and sleep to dream again. It has never worked. 😀

  3. Sometimes you make them come true
    Sometimes you bury them in you

    These are my favourite lines this time. I think most of our dreams get buried – others don’t even get to see/know them. They die unborn. Great verse, Elyas!

  4. ah … dreams
    i guess we dream too much … but that’s also good isn’t it
    when a dream comes true we thank the heaven and earth with glee
    but when something happens without a dream … it’s no big deal
    no matter how great an achievement or blessing that might be.

    i am wondering when, at what times a dream can be pink!!! 😆
    and you know what !!!… I used to have dreams in my sleep looong time back.
    but no dream has come to me in my sleep for many years now.
    i dream with my eyes wide open … 😀
    now I am going to go out and buy a pink goggle so that I can have a pink dream 😀

    ኤልያስ ሙሉ ክሮስ that swing sillhoute is a wonderful image to go with the post 🙂

  5. “i am wondering when, at what times a dream can be pink!!!” 😆 😆 Really? … hmm too bad you haven’t seen a pink dream yet! 😆 … I let you dream it first before I tell you! 😀

    “now I am going to go out and buy a pink goggle so that I can have a pink dream” That is so hilarious! 😆 Good luck dear! 😀 Awesome experiment I would say! 😉

    Dreams play a huge role in my culture as in many other cultures. 🙂 Every time I call my mom, she surprises me with new dreams that she saw about me! 🙂 Sometimes the accuracy of her dreams scares the hell out of me. Often when I feel sick or somehow low, my mom sees it in her dreams. 🙂 And the funny coincidence, I often call her the day after she has seen some kind of dream about me. And if I were sick, the first question she would ask is that are you ok? I never tell her I am sick, but she often feels and sees it anyway. 😀

    You only missed the Ki part which should be this: ኪ … but excellent!!! 🙂 I agree the silhouette is awesome! 😀

    አሚራ ዩ አር ሰች ኤ ክሌቨር ስቱደንት! 😀

    1. ኢ አም ኖት ትሃት ችለቨር 🙂

      አንድ ጉእሥ ውሃት!
      እቨን ሀረ ኢ ሴ ትሆሰ ወኢርድ ኢማገስ.
      ኦን ትሂስ ቾምመንት ሰችቲኦን ምር ስኩልል አፕፐአርስ
      አንድ ኦን ትሀ ሪግህት ሃድ ሲደ ኦን ትሀ ዊድገት አረአ ኢ ሴ ምር “እልያስ”
      ቶታልልይ ወኢርድ. ኢ አም ፍሬኪንግ ኦኡት

      1. ሎልልልልልልልልልል ዛት ኢዝ ሶ ፈኒ አሚራ!!!! 😆 ዶንት ፍሪክ አውት ኦኬ! 😀

        ዩ አር ቬሪ ክሌቨር 🙂

        Let me help you with how the English letters on the keyboard correspond to the Amharic letters 😉 … if it’s confusing let me know 🙂 Keyboard setup often differs from software to software. 🙂 But the site I fwded you uses the most common setup. And here it’s.

        FYI: the English letters outside the parenthesis are for pronunciation and the ones inside are for typing. 😀

        First sound: አ a’ as in angry (a)
        በ ba as in bunny (b+e) ቸ cha as in church (c+e)
        ደ da as in dirt (d+e) ፈ fa as in fun (f+e) ገ ga as in girl (g+e)
        ሀ ha as in half (h+e) ጀ ja as in Jamila (j+e)
        ከ ka as in cut (k+e) ለ la as in luck (l+e)
        መ ma as in must (m+e) ነ na as in null (n+e)
        ፐ pa as in purse (p+e)
        ቀ qa (q+e) … close to the ka sound but no english pronunciation for it, please refer to the youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDoKd4zECOI). 🙂

        ረ ra as in rust (r+e) ሰ sa as in self (s+e)
        ተ ta as in turf (t+e) ቨ va as in verb (v+e)
        ወ wa as in wash (w+e)
        ሸ sha as in shirt (x+e) የ ya as in Yemen (y+e)
        ዘ za as in the (z+e)
        ጰ p’a (shift+p+e) ፀ tsa (shift+s+e) ኸ h’a (shift+k+e) ኘ ñ (shift+n+e)
        ጨ cha’ (shift+c+e) ጠ t’a (shift+t+e) … uncommon sounds in English, pls refer to the youtube video for their correct pronunciation. 😉

        Second sound: ኡ oo (u) … here oo is pronounced as the oo in ooze.
        ቡ bu as in book (b+u) etc

        Third sound: ኢ e as in eat (I) ቢ bi as in beer (b+i) ኪ ki as in kiros (k+i) etc

        Fourth sound: ኣ a’ (shift+a) … pronounced as the a in angry similar to the first sound አ a’. 🙂

        ባ ba as in ballon (b+a)
        ቻ cha as in China (c+a) …
        ጫ (shift+c+a) etc … no english pronunciation
        ካ ka as in the ca in Canada (k+a)
        ሻ sha’ as in Shafi’i (x+a)

        Fifth sound: ኤ a as in air (shift+e)
        ቤ bae as in bay (b+shift+e) ቼ che as in Chess (c+shift+e) etc

        Sixth sound: እ (e) ብ b as in blight (b) ች (c) ክ ch as in Christ (k) etc … most of these six sounds aren’t common in English.. for correct pronunciation pls listen to the youtube video 🙂

        Seventh sound: ኦ o (o) as in ore
        ቦ bo as in boy (b+o) ቾ cho as in Chori (c+o) ኮ ko as in Coca (k+o) etc …

        The አ family (አ (a) ኡ (u) ኢ (i) ኣ (shift+a) ኤ (shift+e) እ (e) ኦ (o)) of the Amharic script is the vowel family, which the seven sounds are based on.

        The rest of the characters are consonants, but when combined with the various vowels (i.e. አ family), they create seven different sounds.

        e.g. በ (b+e) is a consonant. when combined with the rest of the vowels it can become, ቡ (b+u) ቢ(b+i) ባ(b+a) ቤ(b+shift+e) ብ (b) ቦ (b+o)

        So to write Amira on the computer keyboard the arrangement would look like this:

        አ (a)
        ሚ (m+i)
        ራ (r+a)

        for Elyas

        ኤ a (shift+e) as in the first letter A in English
        ል (l)
        ያ ya (y+a)
        ስ s (s)

        ኤል el .. just as you would pronounce L in the english alphabet.

        for Canada

        ካ ka (k+a)
        ና na (n+a)
        ዳ da (d+a)

        for China

        ቻ cha (c+a)
        ይ y (y)
        ና na (n+a)

        for Ethiopia

        ኢ i (i)
        ት t (t)
        ዮ yo (y+o)
        ጵ p’ (shift+p)
        ያ ya (y+a)

        for Maldives

        ማ (m+a)
        ል (l)
        ዲ (d+i)
        ቭ (v)
        ስ (s)

        for America

        አ (a)
        ሜ (m+shift+e)
        ሪ (r+i)
        ካ (k+a)

        for moon

        ጨ cha’ (shift+c+e)
        ረ ra (r+e)
        ቃ qa (q+a)

        for Sun

        ፀ tsa (shift+s+e)
        ሐ ha (shift+h+e)
        ይ y (y)

        for Taste

        ጣ t’a (shift+t+a)
        እ e (e)
        ም m (m)

        for Happiness

        ደ de (d+e)
        ስ s (s)
        ታ ta (t+a)

        for Sadness

        ሀ ha (h+e)
        ዘ za (z+e)
        ን n(n)

        This system is helpful for those of us who don’t have a keyboard with amharic letters but have softwares like the one embedded in that website that allows us write in amharic on an english language keyboard. 😀 Cool, no? 🙂

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