Kill My Heart!

I don’t want you to save it;
I want you to kill it!

Yes, kill it!
Kill it, kill it,
kill my heart!

Squeeze it,
drain its blood out,
and rip it apart!

Then throw it into the fire;
let it ashen in the burner!
Let it dry like a raisin in the sun,
and let it be eaten
by the crows and the vultures!

If you can’t have it,
I won’t let you play with it,
and I can’t let anyone take it.
Come on, kill it!

I need no savior;
so come, only if you dare
to kill!


After listening to this song … 😀


20 thoughts on “Kill My Heart!

  1. oh gee. That is very raw, loaded with anger and emotion.

    I like this: “If you can’t have it, I won’t let you play with it, and I can’t let anyone take it.”

    When you write poetry with such heavy emotions, it creates emotions in the reader, too, and in my humble opinion, that makes it a great piece of work. Poetry that doesn’t cause reader reactions (memories, connections to their past, feelings for word usage, relating to the writer’s strife) just doesn’t have that “zing”.
    But, Elyas, you know how to “hook” the reader and draw us in. Your work is outstanding every time. Kudos to you!

  2. 😆 now the mood is perfect to kill someone 😀

    i was only a while ago loitterring around my favorite “writeress”‘s blog.
    all the talk about silent killing, killing with words, a glance and a kiss … 😀
    and now I come here to read your killer post 😛

    i certainly don’t want anyone to kill your heart … no matter how much you wish it to be killed.

    Instead, I recommend you

    it was initially recommended to me by
    I am thinking you would enjoy her prose 🙂

  3. oh 🙂
    that’s strange.
    to be told
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” 😯

    who has taken over Kweshen!????
    help someone!!! find Elijah 😆

    1. Oh, Elijah was kidnapped for a sec … 😆 that moderation stuff btw happens sometimes when you have more than one link in a post 😀 … my anti-spam warrior is often on guard and nips suspicious intruders in the bud, no mercy! 😆

      1. 😆 i thought so when I saw that linkless comment appearing instantaneously 🙂
        and me a suspicious intruder ey!!!!???? 😐 😛

        I guess our warriors are quite good. But sometimes too overly sensitive. So I programmed my warrior to let pass even with two links 😀

      2. I remember watching it in the early 2000s 😆
        and vaguely remember the details of it…
        it was a recommendation from a dear friend and he shared it his copy with me. 🙂
        I remember having a good feeling after watching it.
        but honestly I cannot recall much of it …
        guess I would have if it was a Amir Khan movie 😉 😆

      3. No, you didn’t say that mon amie! 😀 Forget Amir Khan! Hrithik Roshan or Raj was great in this film. I’ve actually written a poem partially inspired by this film. I will share soon. 🙂 I think you need to watch it again, your memory of it has faded! 😆 I don’t wanna hear the mention of Amir Khan again! 😀

      4. ok ok.
        I did not say that 😆

        I just watched the video link in your comment. And I’m glad I did.
        The memories flashed back like a sudden downpour of heavy rain 😆
        The medley touches on all the emotions of the movie quite nicely 🙂
        And for the record I love Hrithik. In his early days I really was not that hooked.
        But his recent movies are all great. And OMG Uday Chopra is a heart throb.
        That combination just is too good. And Rani has got real talent.

        Mujhse Dosti Karoge! in fact was the first of Hrithik’s movie I liked.

        Now I recommend Zindagi na milegi dobara. One of Hrithik’s latest movies.
        I enjoyed it immensely. My post on that @

        Of his other movies these I liked:
        Lakshya – totally awesome
        Jodhaa Akbar – very touching movie
        Guzaarish – just mind blowingly good with Aishwariya

        ሃፕፕይ ? 😀

      5. Now that sounds better, Amira! 😆 iLike the change in attitude! 😀 And awesome recommendations! 😉 And perfect timing: guess what it’s Friday here, the weekend just started! 😀 Rani Mukerji is my favorite in this movie, but she cant beat Kajol! kabhi nahi! 😀

  4. I’m speechless … which is pretty hard for me. Change the tune
    to something update – and positive. Although, I do think that
    sometimes we need to rant and rid ourselves of angst.
    I suppose I could let you have this one … lolol

  5. Reading this poem, reminded me of memories where I felt frustrated, but I couldn’t get out of it. The idea of allowing some to kill your heart is an interesting one. (: Awesome poem, by the way!

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