Portrait of Somali Girl in Berbera, Somaliland © Eric Lafforgue

You look amazing,
God’s beautiful being.
You are lovely
like a water lily.
I marvel, I admire
your graceful manner.
Gorgeous, colorful,
heartwarming soul.

Darling, your glance
makes me feel
jovial and hopeful!

I tell you this
not to indulge you in vainglory,
but because I feel so strongly
that you are truly awesome,
my fragile heart’s dream.
I cherish your inner beauty and grace;
I also love your outer appearance.



10 thoughts on “Subhan’Allah!

  1. an instant smile broke on my face 🙂 😆
    simply one of my favorite songs from Fanaa

    the following lyrics just has magic in it [added my translations 🙂 ]

    Aaja Baahon Mein, Kar Ke Bahaana Hona Hai Tujh Mein Fanaa
    Find some reason to come into my arms, i want to lose myself in your love
    Dhadkanein Jo Suna Doon Tumko Gabrah Hi Jaaogi Tum
    if I let you hear my hearbeats it’ll scare you (with it’s intensity – it’s beating for you)
    Humko Aata Nahin Hai Chupaana, Hona Hai Tujh Mein Fanaa
    I do not know how to hide my feelings, i want to lose myself in your love

    The following song also from Fanaa is absolutely mind blowing 🙂
    Mere Haat Mein Tera Haat Ho
    Saari Jannatein Mere Saat Ho
    Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
    Tere Pyaar Mein Ho Jaaoon Fanaa

    AND back to your post in prose … it’s totally cool.
    I like your “a water lily” 🙂
    Subahnallah [Allah be praised!], God be praised 🙂

    1. Now that only makes me ask you to translate the song posted here!! 😆 Your translation is terrific!! 😀 Seriously, you should look into the translation business, especially in the arts!! I mean it! 🙂

      You know languages are really fascinating! 🙂 In Amharic and Tigrigna the word Fana has its own meaning: it means Trail! And when you make it Fana Wagui, it means Trailblazer! 😉 [and Fana is a popular name in Ethiopia (I would assume in Eritrea too), often given to girls; I’ve a couple of friends with that name. :)]

      I have to watch that movie now!! 😀 … I can’t wait for the Melodrama to get into my nerves! 😆 Amir Khan is usually good at his acting. So am expecting an excellent performance with some corniness! 😀

      And thank you so much for your compliments! And the hard work you put into translating and sharing your fav songs!! Means a lot! 😀

      Subhan’Allah! 🙂 (what a beautiful word, right?! :D)

      1. Fanaa is a must watch!!! and the literal meaning of fana in hindi is
        destroy, spent, give in totally – SOMETHING LIKE THAT:)

        [Hindi is not my language so maybe I should really not be giving out any meanings or translations 😆 but I cannot help myself 🙂 ]

        anyways, the meaning of those lyrics I put up there [in my humble translation] is as follows:

        In my hand, when I hold your hand
        just like the heavens are with me.
        when you are with me, nothing else I need –
        in your love, totally immersed I can be.

        The gist of the whole song is that “I can destroy myself in your love”

        thanks for the Amharic lesson 🙂

      2. Yeah Elyas you must watch this movie and i guess you will love it 🙂

        Aamir khan is very very very(add as many very s, though it would be less) good at his acting .. This movie is worth watching 🙂 Very Beautiful

        Another movie of Aamir “3 Idiots” is Mind-blowing… All time Favorite movie of mine.. I guess you would love this movie too 😀 ..

    2. Subahnallah Amira 🙂 Beautifully translated 🙂 I love this movie and song as well..
      and the song Mere haath mein tera haath ho was the first song i learnt on guitar 😀 Thanks for cherishing my old memories …. 🙂 😉

  2. wow. I love love the lyrics….and your translations, Amira. I’m a total romantic at heart. I want to see the movie too! I watched two of the videos…the first song was on your blog, no? So it is in my head now and I love it! So by the end of the second song, I’m looking for the movie! lol
    Elyas….talk about romantic! Your poem is lovely. (and so is the young woman in the photo)
    I love how you say: “I cherish your inner beauty and grace”……beautiful words to whisper in someone’s ear, in addition to the first line: “you look amazing”. But how nice to have that inner beauty validated and recognized. Good stuff, friend.

    1. Thanks, Judy! I agree with you that inner beauty not only has to be validated and recognized, but also valued and cherished; without it, external appearance could mean nothing as far as true happiness is concerned.
      That’s what I believe. 🙂

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