Mars & Venus: Q & A — Part I

(A fiction)

I had a wonderful talk with a colleague the other day. I told her I have some questions if she would be willing to answer. She said, “shoot me!” I laughed. And I shot her.  

Relationship related questions. You know, the stuff boys and girls go through before they become men and women. So we agreed that I would only ask questions, and she would be the talker. It was wonderful listening to her. A mature woman. I admire her. But when we started talking about relationship stuff, she was no longer that mature woman, she took of the mask, and she was giggling like a teenage girl. Beautiful. She made me smile and laugh. 

It’s funny how we transform from one state to the other just like that! We are like water. Within flashes of seconds we could turn from solid to liquid then to vapor. Or sometimes we vaporize directly from our solid state. We sublime. Amazing, huh!? No wonder our bodies are up to 78% water! 

“So where is your question?” she asked when I got distracted by other things as usual.

Her name is Venus. And I am Mars. 

Mars: Well, I was thinking where to begin. [LOL]

Venus: Just start somewhere! And stop laughing! [mocks]

Mars: Okay, tell me about your past relationship (s). There are certain things I want to understand.

Venus: Aha … Understand what? [laughs] Is your girl giving you a hard time or something? [laughs] And why are you assuming I have many relationships?? [angry kinda look]

Mars: [LOL] something like that. Oh, no, am not assuming… You kno … rare for people to stick with one person, especially in this part of the world. Now, don’t run away, am serious, answer my questions! [laughs] Really, am serious. Let’s be serious, shall we?? [frowns, kinda] There’s a lot of stuff I need to understand! [LOL]

Venus: When was the last time we weren’t serious, huh? [LOL] And stop using this “understand” word, there’s nothing to understand. Really! [Laughs] … Bottom-line is Men are stupid!

Mars: Come on, Venus! Can you stop, and start?! [pretends frustrated] .. and am hurt! You just called me stupid! [sad]

Venus: Oh, look at you, Mr. Serious, wanting to know about women and then bam … being sensitive and stuff … as far as I know, we aren’t in some therapy session, or are we?? So chill, boy! [LOL] Who told you that you are a man? You aren’t there yet, relax! [LOL]

Though Venus is older than me, we often get along so well. We joke around. We say things that we wouldn’t normally say to other people. And our age difference really doesn’t come in between us, especially when we make jokes. It’s an awesome friendship. 

Mars: Okay, take your time then. I will see you tomorrow! [acts as if to walk away]

Venus: Come back here, boy! Where do you think you are going?? [Sarcasm]

Mars: [LOL] Wherever I want to!!! What, now you are my boss or something?? [Sarcasm]

Venus: What do you wanna know about my past relationship?

Mars: Well, you know, anything really. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Things that turned you off. Things that you liked. How the relationships started and ended … etc …

Venus: Are you writing a police report or something?? [laughs]

Mars: [LOL] … Something like that … Now get back! You are running away. You are distracting me again.

Venus: ……………

[To be continued]


8 thoughts on “Mars & Venus: Q & A — Part I

  1. zonk!!!! wake up 🙂 oh well no waking up from a day dream …

    but somebody get him out of that chair !!! give him some fresh air !!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i am ready to read the next part 🙂
    i honestly enjoyed the prelude taking us to that conversation 🙂

    “It’s funny how we transform from one state to the other just like that!”

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