Birthday, Holiday

Christmas is coming
so is my Birthday;
old I shall be leaving
right on Saturday …
Better not be sulking
on such a Holiday!

I came to this world
one day before Jesus,
crying out loud,
making a lot of fuss.

Quite a blessing
to celebrate with Him
who taught us loving
is such an awesome dream,
whether we feel loved or unloved
when we live in this naughty world.

Better not just count
my goddamn numbers
as I see my youth days
gushing like rivers.
I shall be born again,
not as a Christian,
but as an updated man.

Make it snow, Jesus,
on the day of my birth
so I can dance with flakes
and feel a new breathe!



12 thoughts on “Birthday, Holiday

  1. Elyas…..what a wonderful time to have a birthday…yes at such a loving time. Happy Birthday in advance! I hope you are feeling loved because you spread love wherever you are on this planet, through your poetry and your kindness to others….I just have a feeling you are feeling that love come back to you. 😉 PS…..Listening to Celebrate as I write…..ya got me hopping…I love this song!

    1. Hey Judy, thank you so much for the bday wish and the kind comments! 🙂 Yes, am feeling the love come back to me! lol … in fact, am overwhelmed! Am glad you enjoyed this piece! And Merry Christmas in advance!! 🙂

      Yes, isn’t that song great? I never get tired of it! “Cherish” is also another favorite song for me from this group! 😀

  2. Wow.. Elyas, Great post.. Your B’day is just before the day Jesus was born.. Advance wishes to you.. Hope you have a great year ahead.. And i want you to write more and more, so that, everyone can feel the magic of your writing 🙂

    1. Thank you Khushbu! 🙂 Am glad you like it! And thank you for the Bday wish! … Yeah hard to compete against the Big J! lol I hope you too have a great year ahead and you too keep writing cuz I love it!! 🙂 Merry Christmas in advance if you celebrate it! 😀

  3. I always ask my friends who were born in December…why they didn’t wait till Christmas. Elyas you were so close 😉 You should have waited hahaha.Just one day 🙂 lovely poem as usual.

    1. Veeh! … lol now you make me curious about your month of birth lol .. As for waiting for Christmas, you r asking the wrong dude here, lol I sure will fwd that important qn to my parents! lol

      Thank you for the lovely comment! 😉

  4. i guess December people are just the best 🙂 kind, generous, sweet, and charming 🙂

    [but the curious George wonders you know!!! – who ever knew when Jesus was born? no evidence to show his birth was in December at all, and my rational mind says “oh just let it be” :)].

    hope your year has been wonderful and here is a wish that all your wishes come true today and always.
    I join in this particular wish:
    “Make it snow”, [grantor of all wishes], on the day of mon ami Elijah’s birth,
    so he can “dance with flakes and feel a new breathe!” and feel happy and content 😀

    1. Amira, what can I say, damn, I dont think I can ever write you such good compliments! lol You are just too good and too kind! 🙂 Thank you mon amie! 😀 … December people are locos lol …. are you one?

      [good qn Curious George! lol … what do I kno! I just follow the crowd! lol … that fact barely matters to me anyway lol in fact, christmas comes on January 7 in my country lol can you believe that? lol The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has a totally different calendar system and doesn’t accept the December 25th birthday of the gregorian calendar. 🙂 (check out this link for Ethiopian public Holidays. :D) … and what that means is that my December 24th bday in the Gregorian calendar is translated as December 15 in the Ethiopian system, which for this year falls on Sunday lol so I get to celebrate my birthday twice! One before Jesus, and the other with him lol funny world! (here is a good calendar site: Ethiopian 2011 calendar) .. and oh yeah, the year is 2004 in Ethiopia now 😀 so by 2012, I will still b 8 years younger lol I live in two worlds. I wish lol … too bad that some people were smart enough to write a program that converts calendar systems, so that is my obstacle from living in two worlds lol, here is an example: Calendar Conversion. 😀 Btw some mistakenly consider the Ethiopian Calendar as Julian calendar but that’s wrong; sure it has similarity, and was perhaps influenced by it, but it has an indigenous identity that has evolved throughout time, hence why it has survived being replaced by the Gregorian calendar, which pretty much every African country uses, for that matter including the rest of the world, except few places. lol]

      Thank you so much for the wish dear! 😀 It means a lot!!

  5. happy birthday kido!!! lucky you having it on a holiday… have fun and hopefully you will get a separate gift for the birthday and another for the holiday lol

    1. Thank you very much kido!!! 😀 I rarely get separate gifts, that’s the downside!! lol In fact, often people forget it! … Hence, why this gentleman was forced to write this poem! lol … baby Jesus always steals the spotlight, and baby Elyas has rarely been okay with that. 😛

  6. Birthday wishes in advance, Elyas! Hey, you are so lucky and blessed to be born on such an auspicious time of the year. I have a friend who has her birthday on 25th. So I have one more friend to think of during this Chirstmas season… 🙂 Have great New Year too…..

    1. Thank you Bindu for the wish and the lovely comment! 🙂 I too wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀 There are pros and cons when it comes to having a birthday during such holiday seasons, but in general it’s fun. 🙂

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