“Keep Vomiting!”

For so long I kept it all inside,
such a guilt, a regret, a horrible feeling;
I buried it deep within, letting it
drown me, darken my cheerful spirit.
I repressed and repressed, never released;
I let it accumulate, eat mi flesh, burn mi soul;
I let it spread like a cancer, and swell
like a tumor as it grew big and bigger.
I breathed and lived it!

Self–hate, insecurity, and anger:
one after the other shrunk me like a sad flower.

I became an emotional wreck;
I felt weird, and acted like a freak.
I almost lost hope;
I almost bought a rope.
But finally I said enough,
enough to my madness,
feeling a victim of life!
I vomited it out;
I kept no ounce of it!

I vomited all night!
I thank my mistress, Ms. Poetry,
my darling from yellow country
who let me do it, assuring me not to worry.

She said, “keep vomiting!”
She said, “keep self-cleansing!”
She never felt disgusted!
Oh, what a sweet mermaid!

“Keep vomiting!
Keep vomiting!” she encouraged.
And, of course, I barely stopped
until my inner wall shined;
now I feel so good!

Adios bad feeling, adios sucker,
adios forever!


Inspired by Authormercedes. After an interesting talk about vomiting feelings, we thought that was a funny expression that could make a good title for a new poem, so we gave each other a challenge to write one based on it. Please read her version, too! πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on ““Keep Vomiting!”

  1. “I almost lost hope;
    I almost bought a rope.” OMG … !!!???

    i’m so glad Ms Poetry made light of the day.
    i’m so glad Ms. Poetry helped vomit it all out.
    “vomit”, such a horrid word used so poetically.
    vomit out the heartaches, the agony, the pain. πŸ™‚

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